Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girl Reviewed in 2019

At this age, girls already know what they like and what they wish to have. However, it still might be a bit difficult to find the right gift for them. Some of them would like a cute little dress, but the majority of girls would appreciate more toys which they can share with their friends and have some amazing sleepovers and fun.

To be fair, you could never go wrong with buying a doll, a Barbie or a toy cooking set. However, you should be a bit more creative than that and find something new; something different and far more fun and educational than those traditional and common toys for girls.

Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girl


kahootz spirograph deluxe set design

Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set


Fun & Educational

crayola tracing pad lightup

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Pink


Fun & Educational

fashion design studio for kids

Fashion Design Kit For Kids

Creativity for Kids


day at the spa 30 piece set

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Creativity for Kids


lego friends heartlake building set

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set



LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set

lego friends heartlake building set

LEGO has many sets, both for boys and girls, but this one is a perfect match for your little girl if she likes playing with dolls. This LEGO Friends set is made to mimic the shopping mall, where your little girl can play with her dolls and help them pick new clothes, have some fun and enjoy a simple day at the mall.

This set includes 4 mini doll figurines: Emma, Sophie, Stephanie and Julian who is a DJ. Emma’s dog, Lady, is also here, as well as a small convertible car. Additionally, this shopping mall has a revolving door and several shops; including bridal and sports shops, food court, photo booth and a Spa. What’s more, the photo booth features a camera with flash.

  • Quality LEGO set
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Includes accessories (trees, accessories for the shops)
  • Compatible with Classic LEGO pieces

  • The buildings cannot be connected together
  • It doesn’t include several floors

Ozobot Bit Extra Bot, Black

Ozobot bit extra bot

Technology is rapidly evolving so it might come as no surprise that it’s taken ground in the field of toys. Just like that, we now have the Ozobot Bit Extra Bot in this sleek black color! It is a STEAM robot for grades K-12.

What you can do with this cute little robot is program it to race, dance and many more other activities. Additionally, this robot can “learn” new things if you play the in-app games or download new activities for him from the website. Additionally, it can follow the traces of pencils and markers, so you don’t even have to use the app!

This is a perfect kid’s toy because they can make their own challenges and compete with their friends, while having endless fun.

  • Fun;
  • Simple to use;
  • 90-day warranty

  • Charger might be loose;
  • It could break easily because of its size

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

day at the spa 30 piece set

Your girl probably loves spending some time with you or her friends getting their nails painted and hair braided. So, why not gift her with a great Spa Deluxe gift set that she can use every day?

Creativity for Kids offers a magnificent spa set with 30 pieces that your little girl can try out. It has everything – a nail dryer that runs on batteries, an inflatable pedicure pool, pedicure slippers, toe separators, satin eye mask, water based glitter polish, 4 bottles of water-based nail polish, a file, press-on nails, buffers, stickers for nail art, satin spa bag and cotton balls! If that isn’t just everything a girl needs for a perfect spa day!

With this gift set, you can easily throw a spa party and enable your girl to have mani-pedis with her girlfriends. Plus, this can be great fun for some girl sleepovers!

  • Kid-tested and safe to use;
  • Water-based products;
  • Lots of fun

  • AA batteries for nail dryer not included;
  • Not for small children;
  • Nail polish quality not so great

Fashion Design Kit For Kids

fashion design studio for kids

At this age, many girls want to become fashion designers, so why not give them a chance to practice while having fun? This Ultimate Fashion Designer Kit includes over 50 pieces, which allow your little girl to create dresses and combine pieces of clothing to her own liking.

Those 50 pieces of this designer kit include a dress mannequin covered with lace, a sketchbook, swatch booklet, various fabric samples, ribbons, embellishments, tools and trims. It’s just perfect for a girl who likes drawing and putting together outfits – it’s bound to entice her imagination and spark her creativity.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! The kit also includes step-by-step instructions, which will serve to show your girl and her friends the basics of designing. The instructions are simple and easy to follow; there is no dangerous and complicated sewing, doll clothes and patterns to worry about.

  • Tools included (scissors, pins, tape measure, mannequin);
  • Sketchbook and markers included;
  • Suitable for ages from 9 to 99

  • Includes needles (not recommended for younger children);
  • Might need some additional help from you

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Pink

crayola tracing pad lightup

Every kid loves drawing, but this one is especially for girls because of the lovely tracing pads designed just for them. This Light-up Tracing Pad in pink color includes: a graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, 10 blank sheets, 10 tracing sheets, plus some additional pieces.

The pad has a locking frame that will hold the sheet of paper in one place, allowing your girl to make no mistakes while drawing. Additionally, it’s a perfect match to glow-in-the-dark toys and it includes over one hundred traceable images.

It’s really great for practicing and developing her art skills, especially if you’ve got a little perfectionist – tracing is a really fun and effective way to perfect her techniques.

  • Frame for holding the paper;
  • Educational;
  • Great for practicing hand-eye coordination

  • Pencils are short;
  • Light-up box runs on batteries

Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

kahootz spirograph deluxe set design

This is another great toy that will allow your girl to express her creativity! The Kahootz Spirograph is an award-winning toy and it can secure your little girl and her friends hours of fun.

It is perfect for drawing spirals because of its distinctive interlocking wheels and gears. It also includes 45 pieces: a spiro-putty, 1 rack, 2 rings, 3 pens, 19 wheels, a guide book and 20 sheets of design paper. Plus, it has its own carry-along case, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

With this toy, your girl and her friends can spend hours in making fun and colorful patterns. If they wish, they can even use those drawn patterns, cut them out and make unusual decorations for their rooms!

  • Encourages creativity;
  • Great practice for hand-eye coordination

  • The included pens might not be of great quality so it’s best to combine with a separate set of pens

ALEX DIY Friends Forever

alex diy friends forever bracelet

Just like boys like their brotherhoods and bromances, little girls have their own pacts and sisterhoods. And there is no better way to express true friendship than with a friendship bracelet!

Most girls love jewelry – it’s simply fun and it’s a chance to experiment and get creative. And let’s not forget, if mom and some of her favorite princesses wear jewelry, a little girl is bound to be attracted to it.  This ALEX DIY Friends Forever bracelet kit pinpoints that perfectly, making for a lovely gift for 9 year old girls. With 4 different color-coded looms, 22 colors of embroidery floss, various beads and a beading needle, your girls can have fun and make up to 22 friendship bracelets.

It also has an instruction book and a storage case, which makes it a perfect toy to bring to sleepovers and birthday parties.

This kit is recommended for ages 8 and up because of the small parts. But if there are younger siblings, don’t worry –  the older girls can make cute and colorful bracelets for the younger ones and get them included too!

  • Quality floss;
  • Colors don’t bleed

  • Instructions might be complicated;
  • It needs some skill weaving

Chalktrail for Bikes

chalktrail for bikes

During good weather, kids love playing outside, riding bikes and drawing with chalk, but now, they can do it all at the same time! This simple toy will make your girls want to ride a bike even more!

Chalktrail for bikes is easily attached to the bike, while it has a hole where you put the desired chalk and voila! Ride a bike in a certain way and draw fun patterns and shapes.

It can also be attached to a bike of any size; even the one with training wheels. Plus, it provides tons of fun for the whole family, while you are spending time together in fresh air.

  • Wasy to use;
  • Healthy way of having fun;
  • Sparks up creativity in kids and parents

  • Only one piece of chalk included;
  • The material might not be as sturdy

Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad

melissa and doug stamp a scene

Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad is another great toy for little girls whose imagination is endless. This cute little set is filled with colorful stamps and colored pencils which allow you to create a very detailed and fun picture scenes.

It is themed and it includes 20 stamps and a 2 color stamp pad. This particular one has a theme of a charming and magical fairy garden, so why not allow your girl to make her favorite fairy tale come to life!

This themed stamp set encourages narrative thinking, creative expression and is perfect for exercising hand-eye coordination.

  • Durable;
  • Contoured wooden handles;
  • High quality rubber;
  • 5 colored pencils included

  • Stamps dry out fast;
  • Boxes not covered

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

creativity for kids grow n glow terrarium for kids

Every child needs to experience the wonder of nature, and this Grown ‘n Glow Terrarium by Creativity for Kids is a perfect way to achieve this. This will allow your little girl to plant her own plants, water them, do a little crafting and have her own lovely tabletop garden.

The Grow ‘n Glow kit has everything you need for growing a garden: potting mix, wheatgrass seeds and organic chia seed. It also has some decorative pieces, such as river stones, miniature garden figurines, decorative sand; and that all comes with a plastic mason jar with a decorative lid.

But that’s not all. As the name suggests it, this terrarium can glow in the dark. To make that happen, there are decorative glow-in-dark stickers for keeping the terrarium fun and beautiful during the night.

This is a perfect gift for your little girl, because it’s fun, it’s educational and it is completely safe!

  • Recommended for all ages;
  • Educational tool for learning about nature;
  • A mix of science and art

  • Instructions included might not be clear;
  • Stickers are hard to remove from the sheet

PlayMonster My Fairy Garden

my fairy garden playmonster

My Fairy Garden by PlayMonster is another great toy that can teach your girl how to grow a garden and take care of it. It is really a magical set because of its shape and it includes all the components for growing a truly amazing garden while having fun.

What makes this playset even more charming are its details. It has a chandelier and doors that could be open, plus there’s Calla the Fairy included and you can make her fly with the attachable cord. Additionally, there are small plastic accessories included, such as a small rabbit, fountain and tools for gardening!

  • Educational;
  • Fun;
  • A nice touch to every girls room

  • Plant growth will vary;
  • Seeds might not be included

Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

darice deluxe art supplies

Let your little girl express her creativity and love for art with this 120-piece deluxe art set!

What it’s this box, you wonder? Well, there are 24 markers, crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels. Also, there are 12 watercolor cakes, one white watercolor tube and 2 clips. However, that’s not all because there is also a pallet, drawing pencil, paintbrush, sponge, scissors, sharpener, eraser and ruler. Basically, everything you need for drawing, crafting and painting!

To top it all off, there is a portable plastic case, which makes it easy to carry to all the sleepovers and family visits. It’s really a great set that will last for days – and it can be a source of some great family fun too! Not to mention, you’ll surely end up with some great art to display around your home.

  • Portable;
  • Fun;
  • Great price

  • Only one paintbrush

Rainbow Kite For Kids

agreatlife huge rainbow kite for kids

This Rainbow Kite is a perfect gift for girls who love running outside in the park having fun with their friends. But its vivid colors are not the only thing about it that’s great! It is actually a perfect toy for developing strength and coordination, since your girl will need to learn how to control it.

Also, she can strengthen her critical thinking skills and experience great satisfaction and fun when she succeeds in launching and controlling the cite.

The kite is easy to assemble and it will make both you and your little girl happy – she’ll be having lots of fun outdoors and you won’t have any trouble getting her to be active.

  • Non-toxic materials;
  • Easy to fly;
  • Educational and fun;
  • Durable fabrics

  • Mmight need minor skills for flying it

Magnetic Mini Tile Art

4m magnetic mini tile art

There is no better way for your little girl to learn about magnets and have fun, than with this Magnetic Mini Tile Art set! She can attach stickers to magnets or paint on them and pin them to any metal surface easily in order to create her own magical and creative world.

This set includes magnets, tiles and a paint strip and a brush. It is a perfect kit for some inspiring fridge art, locker door art or for decorating a room.

Better yet, you can help your little girl paint those tiles and spend some quality time together!

  • Engages creativity
  • Educational
  • Great addition to your other 4M toys

  • Paint might get smudged;
  • Not recommended for younger children

4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

easy to do crochet for kids

Another great 4M toy that will help your little girl acquire new skills while having fun! This Crochet Art Kit is perfect for beginners, and it includes 2 crochet hooks, a plastic needle and seven different colors of yarn.

There is enough material to make a cute little handbag, coasters and a belt. Also, there is an instruction book and it will help your girl relax, learn how to crochet and have fun with friends.

What’s more, she can sit with her grandma and the two of them can have fun together making accessories and pieces of clothing. Additionally, since this is for beginners, after acquiring the skills, she can continue crocheting and always have cute little accessories for the house or her style of fashion.

  • Fun and educational
  • Quality materials
  • Practicing great skills

  • Enough material for only 3 items
  • Instructions might not be clear

How to Choose the Best Toy for a 9 Year Old Girl?

Picking the right gift for a 9-year-old girl can be a daunting task. You have to take into consideration her likes, dislikes, what makes her express creativity, combine fun and education and so on. However, the wide and endless varieties of toys certainly don’t make this job any easier. Additionally, you don’t want for that toy to become boring after an hour of using. That is exactly why this list exists and hopefully it can help you choose the right gift for her birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.

In order to help you out a bit, there are some things you should definitely consider when picking the right toy. Among other factors, these two are crucial at this stage of development: firstly, combination of fun and education and secondly, self-expression.

Fun and education combined

There is no doubt that nearly any toy could be fun; but not to all girls. A nine-year-old girl is nearly a teenager and some of the classic toys might not come to her liking. Plus, she should be able to learn something while playing. So, for example, growing her own garden can be fun to her, while she is learning about nature and how to take care of plants. Or, another example could be learning how to crochet; it is an amazing skill and she can practice hand-eye coordination, while she is having fun with yarn and spending quality time with parents, friends or grandparents. Don’t be all about fun and pretty colors when buying her a toy; make sure she learns a thing or two or works on her already acquired skills while having fun playing.

The best birthday party ever!


As mentioned, she is practically a teenager and she will need ways of expressing herself. There is no better way to do that than trough art and crafting. So, when picking the gift for your 9 year old girl, consider her liking of drawing, painting, crafting and fashion even. By using colors, making her own designs and art she will get to know herself and express her opinions, feelings and overall herself through these fun activities.

Criteria we used


At this age, kids still learn. So, while they are having fun they should be able to learn something. However, that’s not the only thing that should be versatile. A plain boring toy that only has one function will be fun to her for a day. In order to avoid the toy being forgotten and thrown away, you should find something that can provide hours and days of fun; a toy that will call back to her from time to time. A toy that she can share with her friends and siblings, and there should be no problems with versatility and the toy certainly won’t become boring.

Social skills

Even though she probably has many friends, she should learn how to communicate properly and have fun along the way. Many of these toys are meant for sharing. But not only that – the toys should encourage your little girl to explore and learn new things. And that’s exactly what majority of these hand picked toys are doing – they are encouraging that natural curiosity all the kids have.


Last but not least, all the toys and tools your little girl has should be safe for her to use. And even though some of these toys include sharp tools, since she is old enough she will know how to use them in a safe manner. Also, pick the toys with no small parts that could be a hazard for her or any younger siblings. That’s exactly what we had in mind, and so should you when picking the educational and fun toys for your little princess.


Will these toys make my child go outside more?

It is known that most of the children prefer computers and video games over playing outside. However, most of these toys will encourage her to go outside and play with her friends. Whether it is riding bikes, flying kites or simply hanging out , most of the picked toys will give her the chance to be in nature and participate in some physical activity; which is certainly healthy for her.

Also, you can pick the toys which are great for the whole family, so you can all enjoy some fresh air.

Can toys help my girl acquire new skills?

Certainly, toys are not only for playing these days. There are a lot of toys influenced by technological advances that can help your child learn more about technology and explore that sphere. You never know what she will end up doing in the future. Besides that, many of these toys will help her acquire simpler but useful skills, such as crocheting for example.

With this skill she will practice her critical thinking, practice hand-eye coordination and express her creativity. Plus, it is a skill for life which can help her relax, make great accessories and simply enjoy.


Yes, it can be difficult to pick the next gift for your child. However, if you give a thought and search the internet and shops a bit more, you will certainly find something that she will absolutely enjoy. Additionally, don’t forget to consider all the important criteria, such as fun, education, safety, versatility and encouragement of social and other skills.

With all this in mind, there is no doubt you will find the perfect gift for your nine year old girl.