Best Rated Toys For 6 Year Old Girls Reviewed in 2019

If you thought that picking gifts for girls will become easier as they age, you were mistaken. Even though they become better at voicing they wishes and interests, picking the best gifts for 6 year old girls is still as challenging as it was when they were younger.

Finding a balance between a collection of children’s stories, jewelry, and dolls can be tricky, but by giving them toys you will aid their emotional, physical, as well as social skills. In order to help you find the toy your girl will love and play with for many years, we bring you a list of 15 best toys for 6 year old girls.

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girl


spacescooter ride on

SpaceScooter Junior Ride On


Ride on Toys

playhut boutique play tent for girls

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Tent



Osmo Genious Kit image

Osmo Genius Kit


Fun & Educational

lego friends heartlake hot air baloon

LEGO Friends 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon



just my style jewelry for girls

Just My Style Emoticon Jewelry Center

Just My Style


LEGO Friends Heartlake Pizzeria

lego friends toy for girls

Consisting of more than 280 pieces, this LEGO’s charming little building set will allow your 6 year old girl to build her own pizzeria. It includes two mini figures of Emma and Oliver which can both be used for other LEGO building sets, as well as a mini pizza delivery scooter. There is a small kitchen perfect for making and baking delicious LEGO pizza, and an adorable little terrace where the customers can sit and enjoy their meals.

Themed building sets help spark children’s creativity and imagination. Because the set has a kitchen, a telephone, and a delivery scooter, it’s perfect for pretend play. Little girls can play with it alone, or they can invite a friend or a sibling over and share the toy with them. The best thing is that the set is compatible with other LEGO sets so there can always be visitors at the Heartlike pizzeria.

  • Compatible with other LEGO construction sets
  • Very detailed
  • Includes great accessories

  • Easy to lose small pieces

Just My Style Emoticon Jewelry Center

just my style jewelry for girls

It’s not exactly a rule, but it’s safe to say that most girls like jewelry – they like making it as well as wearing it, and if they could, they would wear all the jewelry their mothers have every single day. This is the reason why jewelry making kits are one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls as they allow the girls to get creative and to make something they will love. Because there are over 800 different beads in the kit, girls can share it with their siblings and friends too.

Even though the number of beads is a bit intimidating for parents, there is a convenient storage case included. Another great thing about the kit is that girls can make different necklaces and bracelets for themselves as well as their friends, but it’s also a great chance to make and give their first friendship bracelets to their best friends.

  • 8 different techniques
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Detailed instruction booklet included

  • Some of the beads are very small and it can be difficult to thread the cording through

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art

made by me window art

Even though they aren’t curious toddlers anymore, 6 year old girls still like to draw on anything they can get their hands on. This is why Create Your Own Window Art is such a great gift – it allows them to channel creativity and make something they can use to decorate their own rooms. With a dozen different suncatchers, little girls can express themselves by painting them anything they like and sticking the artwork onto their windows.  

Not only is this a great activity for further improving their motor skills, it’s a convenient way to keep children occupied during birthday parties and sleepovers. It’s also a great parent-child activity because parents can draw the finer lines and let the children fill in with colors. Not only will they like working with you, but you will help build their confidence by letting them color in within the lines and praising their patience and precision.

  • Glitter paint included
  • Comes with cording and mini suction cups for easier display
  • Very affordable

  • Tips of the paint tubes can be too thick for creating fine lines

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

klutz make your own soap kit

If you’d like to encourage your 6 year old girl to become a scientist and show her that science and chemistry are fun, this soap making kit is the best gift you can get. Not only is the process explained in minute detail in the booklet you get in the kit, but there are also some pretty fun and interesting facts about science and chemistry included, as well as a few easy experiments.

The kit includes enough ingredients for you to make up to 10 soaps, and there are also adorable stickers as well as some skin-safe glitter too. Still, because the clear soap base has to melt before you can add color, glitter, and stickers, and put it in the mold, this kit requires adults to be present and assist with the soap-making process. The best thing, however, is that in the end you actually get real soap you can use or give away as a convenient gift.

  • The kit includes coconut papaya scent as well as cosmetic grade glitter

  • Has to be used with adult supervision because the soap is warm

ALEX Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands

alex toys headbands

A lot of 6 year old girls are very active and cheerful which means that their ponytails and pigtails will fall apart by lunch. This is why so many moms like to give their energetic girls headbands to use and wear, and the girls have taken these items a step further. Not only are these hair accessories useful and convenient, but they are slowly becoming somewhat a fashion statement and a way to express one’s personal style.

So Many Headbands is truly a wonderful gift idea for girls age 6 and up, but even younger girls can use the set with some adult assistance. You can encourage the girl to create something that will match her new outfit, but also to make her best friend or her sibling a gift. Because the set contains different headbands and plenty of accessories, it’s the perfect slumber party activity.

  • A lot of different accessories for expressing one’s style
  • Easy to put together and take apart

  • There is no glue, and the felt button that holds the fabric together can fall apart after much use

ALEX Toys Craft Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook

alex toys craft friends book

Even though times are changing rapidly and kids today have different interests than a couple of decades ago, scrapbooks are an enduring tradition, that’s for sure. As a parent, you will have the honors of explaining the tradition to your girl and showing her how scrapbooks are made.

Because there are so many exciting things happening in the life of a 6 year old girl, it’s important to encourage her to keep track of all the things she loves and she’s proud of so that one day she can look back at this period and be happy that she recorded all of that. What is more, it’s a simple and effective way for her to remember her dear friends and favorite activities. By writing, drawing, and gluing things into her scrapbook, she is learning about herself but also making stronger connections with other people.

  • Scissors, stickers, gems, and glue included
  • Great for social interaction

  • Most stickers and phrases are music-oriented

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

draw like a pro alex art

With tablets and iPads everywhere, it seems like children can hardly keep a simple pencil or a marker in their hands. Learning to draw used to be fun and easy, and with Draw Like a Pro art kit, mastering the skill is much easier and way more fun.

Children get frustrated easily when they aren’t able to draw things the same way they see them, but this kit includes preprinted slides and a small projector which help children draw great images with ease. The image from the slide is projected onto the paper and all the child has to do is track the lines and get they’ll get a great drawing. Once they master the basics, they will be ready to draw something else and they will feel confident because they’ve practiced before without even realizing that they’re practicing.

The best thing is that 6 year old girls will be developing not only their fine motor skills but their creativity and imagination as well.  

  • More than 124 different slides
  • The kit has its own convenient carrying case
  • Improves fine motor skills

  • Batteries needed but not included

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

brain flakes viahart

To be honest, parents get tired of puzzles for 6 year old girls easily because most puzzles depict princesses or cartoon characters, but it doesn’t have to be that way. VIAHART’s Brain Flakes are incredibly versatile puzzles that can connect and interlock and create different shapes every time you put them together. Still, if you need an inspiration (at least in the beginning), you can use the Idea Booklet to see the shapes you can make and try recreating them.

The puzzle teaches 6 year olds about spatial thinking, but because there are so many pieces in a jar, more children can play together. They can encourage and inspire each other to build different things and play with them together afterward, and because the pieces are so colorful, boys and girls alike will love playing with these puzzles. What parents will love, though, is the fact that the pieces are painless when stepped on, which isn’t the case with most other puzzles and blocks.

  • No phthalate, lead, BPA, or heavy metal
  • Convenient storage jar
  • More than 500 pieces in a set

  • It can be difficult to snap the pieces together

LEGO Friends 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

lego friends heartlake hot air baloon

LEGO Friends have really outdone themselves with this special balloon toy for 6 year old girlsHeartlike Hot Air Balloon consists of more than 250 pieces and comes with two doll figures too. The beauty of these figures is that they’re compatible with other LEGO Friends sets, so your girl can combine dolls from different sets to make her plays more dynamic and fun.

Not only does the set have the balloon and 2 dolls, Andrea and Noah, but there’s also a waterfall, a tree, and a picnic spot. This means that the little girl can share the set with her sibling or her friend and the two of them can come up with elaborate pretend-plays. Themed building set allows them to imagine more detailed scenarios, and because it’ compatible with other LEGO sets, their friends can bring their own and they can build a whole new set together.

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Includes a lot of picnic accessories

  • It might be difficult for children to put the pieces together on their own

Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

kahootz fashion plates kit

Stencil art used to be more popular, but if you’d like to encourage your 6 year old girl’s interest in both art and fashion, you should definitely get her Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit. There are 15 fashion plates that are interchangeable so the girls are able to mix and match the designs and come up with unique creations they will love. Still, for the shy ones who aren’t sure about their design skills, there is a useful idea booklet that allows them to find inspiration for their own creations.

Stencils are incredibly easy to use and the kit will allow your girl to explore fashion a bit more and to express her creativity in a simple way. Who knows, perhaps this toy is exactly what she needs in order to become a successful fashion designer in near future.

  • Fashionable carrying case
  • Design plates can mix and match

  • Frames bend easily if not used with care

Osmo Genius Kit

Osmo Genious Kit image

A great number of parents hesitate to let their kids use tablets and iPads because they are aware that children aren’t yet ready to use it for learning, but rather for entertainment. Luckily, with Osmo Genius Kit, 6 year old children can interact with their iPads without actually having to touch the screens. The Kit transforms an iPad into a learning tool and allows children to develop their reading, drawing, and math skills at their own pace.

Numbers, letters, maths, reading, and drawing are no longer boring and frightening, but easy and fun because Osmo helps the child set the pace of learning and focus on tasks at hand. Instead of staring into their iPads for hours looking at videos, children can now use the device to improve their skills and learn. Instead of focusing on several things at once, children can tackle the one problem at a time and move on when they feel that they’re ready.

  • Educational
  • Suitable for older children too
  • Encourages creative problem solving

  • Not compatible with Android tablets
  • Quite pricey

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Tent

playhut tent for girls

A lot of children love pretend plays and dressing up, and 6 year old girls aren’t any different. With Beauty Boutique Play Tent, your girl will have her own place not only to play dress up but to dress up for real. The tent is easy to put up because it has cube-shaped spring frame that pops open when you unfold it.

The inside of the tent is quite roomy, and there are also light purple curtains as well as a flexible mirror that can be attached to the inside of the tent with Velcro. There is no need to worry about breaking the mirror, though, as it’s made of soft, reflective material and can easily be folded. There are big openings on either side of the tent, but there are also ‘front door’ that can be opened and closed.

  • Easy to set up and put away
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Has mirror and curtains

  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case

FYHAP Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket for kids

Is there a better way to keep your little girl warm and happy than by giving her this perfect Mermaid tail blanket? This is a wonderful birthday gift for 6 year old girls, but it’s suitable for younger as well as older girls too. It’s a knit blanket so it’s very warm, but it’s also lightweight and easy to pack and carry around, as it comes with a convenient travel sack.

Because it’s made of wool, it’s strongly advised you hand-wash it and leave it out to air dry so it keeps its shape longer. Since little girls love pretending they’re mermaids all the time, this blanket will help them out. They can get in rather easily, but the best thing is that the bottom is also open so they will be able to move their feet and move around a bit while still wrapped in the blanket.

  • Colorful, comfy, and durable
  • Suitable for camping, couch or a car
  • Both top and bottom are open

  • It’s strongly advised you hand-wash the blanket

SpaceScooter Junior Ride On

spacescooter ride on

This is a simple scooter that’s actually a bit more advanced than the regular one because it requires a lot of balance and legwork in order to be ridden. Its unconventional moving system makes the child move the foot plate up and down in order to ride the bike, and because it’s so strange everyone immediately falls in love with it. The handlebar height is adjustable which means that a 6 year old girl will be able to use the scooter even as she grows, and because it’s made of sturdy materials it will be able to endure years of usage.

There are really effective rear brakes which make the scooter more secure and easier for the child to manage even if they get carried away. Seeing as the scooter can be folded, it won’t take up too much space when you store it, and it will be easy to carry it around too.

  • Easy to store away and carry around
  • Rear brake is very good
  • Improves balance and gross motor skills

  • Rather pricey
  • It needs practice to catch up on how to ride it

Hyper Toss Action Game

hyper toss game

It seems like a mission impossible to get a 6 year old girl to spend all her built-up energy before bedtime. Or at least it seemed that way until she tried new Hyper Toss Action Game – a nice electronic toy that also manages to encourage children to be active.

There are three differently colored cups and they can be used for different kinds of catching games. There are four different play modes and each one has audio instructions so it’s easy to understand the rules. Children will love challenging each other and competing to see who can catch the ball the most times. They will also develop their hand-eye coordination as well as gross motor skills, and they can play with friends as well as on their own, indoors and outdoors too.

  • Active and interactive
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Develops gross motor skills

  • No volume control so the toy can be very loud at times

How to Choose the Best Toy for Six Year Old Girl?

Even though your child’s safety is always going to be your number one priority, you can now step back and relax a bit because your child is old enough not to accidentally swallow a small part of a toy and has well-developed balance and coordination so they won’t fall down from some outdoor and more active toys. You can be more creative when you buy them gifts and you can help them test their own strength and further develop their abilities.

Buy a Toy According to Your Child’s Personality

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that not all toys that are age-appropriate for 6 year old girls will be interesting enough for your little girl. Just because a certain toy is very popular with your friends’ children, it doesn’t mean that your child will love it too. A great way to find out what toys little girls love is to ask them, but also to get to know what their interests are. If you notice she likes to draw and make things, then creative toys are the right choice, and if she likes sports and being outside then outdoor toys are the best for her.

Another useful trick you can use is to see what toys she likes to play with when she visits her friends and cousins who have different toys. If there is anything she really likes and always plays with, it’s safe to say that it will be the best gift for her. On the other hand, it’s easy to fall into a trap and buy her a lot of toys she sees advertised on TV, but which won’t keep her attention for long. That’s why it’s best to pick useful and educational toys for 6 year old girls which will last for a long time and which will be used to teach them things about themselves and the world.

Criteria we used

It’s intriguing to see 6 year old girls learning about the world – they are so easily amazed by everything, but more importantly, every activity they engage in plays a big role in their physical development as well as their hand-eye coordination. We have very strict criteria when selecting the best toys for girls because we want to help you make the right choice.

Encourage social interaction

One thing you will notice is that children love playing with other children of the same gender at this age. Girls make friends with other girls more easily, especially if they have some interesting toys they can share with others. Toys for 6 year old girls we picked can be shared with friends or used for individual play, but they will help little girls understand the value of sharing.

Improve their problem solving skills

Six year olds love trying out new things and aren’t easily discouraged when they make mistakes or their plans fail. This mindset is something parents should strive to preserve in their children, and by picking educational toys designed to improve their problem solving skills you are taking big steps in this direction. From making something with their own hands to designing a piece of clothing and putting together a puzzle, 6 year old girls will thrive and learn through playing.

Help channel creativity

For children everything is a game: drawing, pretend-play, dressing up, designing something, and cooking; and these activities are helping them channel their creativity in a constructive way. By making things for themselves, their parents, and friends, little girls learn that with a little bit of discipline and effort they are able to make something exactly the way they imagined it. This will help them see they can create something useful and beautiful and they will be proud of their work.


Can toys make children more social?

The shortest answer is – yes! Majority of the toys we recommended are designed to encourage children to invite others to play with them, be they siblings, family members, or friends. At this age children form friendships easily, and by giving them toys they can share with others, you encourage interactions which will lead to them forming friendships with other children. These toys don’t require that the child has a friend in order to use them, but they give a chance to make them.

Can I let my child play without supervision?

Being 6 years old and already preparing for school, children pretty much know how to safely play with their toys and their friends. Even though it isn’t necessary to supervise your child all the time, you can see their playtime as a unique opportunity to bond with the child and learn more about their interests and thoughts. On the other hand, by allowing them to play on their own you are encouraging them to be independent and more confident in their own abilities. Not to mention that they are also becoming more responsible because they are aware that there are rules they should follow if they want to play certain games or use certain toys.  

Should I focus more on their physical or mental development?

An important thing you should keep in mind is that toys should always challenge children, both physically and mentally, but it’s imperative that they don’t do so at the same time. This is the reason why you should offer them different toys which will be able to challenge and inspire them in different ways. They should use toys that help their mental development during quiet times while physically challenging toys are better for active playtime and outdoor play.


At this age, it’s important for children to further develop their fine as well as gross motor skills, but also their confidence. By picking the right gifts for 6 year old girls you will ensure that they are not only physically fit and healthy, but help them build self-confidence too. They are becoming more independent by the day and with the right toys, you will help them reach their full potential. Try finding the balance between allowing them to play unsupervised and joining them in their games; they will be more confident when they know that you’re there for them.