Best RC Cars for Kids in 2019 – Our Top 10 Picks

It’s no secret that getting a remote control car for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion is a big deal for toddlers and older boys. No matter if it’s a rally, a monster truck or a speedster RC car the amount of joy that it brings to our little ones is almost surreal. We all remember the moment our favorite toy entered our lives.

But with so many RC models and types online, sometimes it can be hard to pick the right one for our kid. That’s why you can rely on us to present a list of top quality RC cars that will surely pique your interest.

Best Rated Remote Controlled Cars


Ferrari Laferrari Remote Control

Remote Controlled Ferrari


Fun & Outdoor

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon RC Police Car

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car


Fun & Outdoor

GBlife Remote Control Jumping RC Toy Cars

GBlife Remote Control Cars Jumps


Fun & Outdoor

Transforming Remote Control Police Car

Interactive Transformer RC


Fun & Outdoor

blue Double E E321 RC Car

4WD Remote Control Monster Truck


Fun & Outdoor

4WD Remote Control Monster Truck

blue Double E E321 RC Car

Dual Motor Monster truck is the ultimate RC toy for your youngling for a number of reasons. Kids of this age like to experiment with their toys and put them in various “tight situations” to test the endurance as well as the performance of their RC cars. They’ll want to test how it behaves on different types of road and generally push their climbing ability to the limit. With monster truck remote control cars they’ll come to understand that no terrain is too hard or untraversable.

With dual motor technology, they’ll be able to control both front and rear wheels independently, which will give them quite a boost in performance and maneuverability. The toy offers a realistic truck look, great design, and a pretty long battery life expectancy. It uses 6V 800 mAh battery pack that allows remote control up to 260 feet. The batteries are also rechargeable and easy to install. Next, to all this, the toy features front and rear suspension system that prevents damage from impact.

  • Realistic design
  • Durable
  • Long battery life expectancy
  • Environmental tires

  • Batteries take a considerable amount of time to recharge

Interactive Transformer RC

Transforming Remote Control Police Car

A police robot and a remote control car. What more can a kid want? If your little one is into transformers he’ll definitely love this one. It a great gift idea for their birthday or another special occasion as with this toy in their hands they’ll forget about ever being bored.

The toy features a 2.4 GHz remote control, realistic commands like engine start, reverse, drive and neutral mode, blinkers, and high-quality engine sound effects. The non-toxic ABS plastic allows it to be a favorite toy even for toddlers and younger boys. A pretty solid design offers great maneuverability and speed, and if your kid gets tired of driving he can transform the toy into a sword and shield wielding police robot. This way he’ll never get bored playing with this ingenious RC toy.

  • Neat design
  • Can be transformed into another toy
  • Great speed and maneuverability

  • Isn’t too durable mostly due to its transforming features

GBlife Remote Control Cars Jumps

GBlife Remote Control Jumping RC Toy Cars

The biggest feature of this unconventional model is its ability to jump and avoid obstacles. Not many toys of this sort have this unique perk and that’s exactly why GBlife RC is the perfect gift for your little one. Your kid might not be impressed with the look, but once he figures out what it can do it’ll be one of his favorite toys for sure.

Its jumping feature allows this RC car to reach heights over 30 inches. This will surely come in handy when racing on an improvised road filled with obstacles. But that’s not all it can do. Your boy will be thrilled to see it rotate 360 ° as the LED lights go on and off while changing color. Also, the GBlife RR features fun motor sounds and shock-resistant wheels which can prove as more than handy in a low-light environment.

  • Jumping feature
  • Shock-resistant wheels
  • Easy to use

  • It could be more durable

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon RC Police Car

Having a sibling of the same or similar age means that you should have the same toys as the other one, right? This can sometimes be exhausting for parents and costly as well. Luckily this RC car set won’t leave either of your kids disappointed.

The set includes two RC cars with separate remote controllers. This allows both of them to have fun as they chase each other in the apartment or on any other place with a flat surface. The toys cars run on 3 AA batteries each, and the controllers require 2 AA batteries. So it’s best to get rechargeable ones as they don’t come with the package. Buying this RC set is a great way to introduce your toddlers to RC toys, as it’s intended for that age in particular.

  • Two RC cars in one set
  • Race car driver and policeman figures included
  • Great for toddlers and young children

  • Batteries aren’t included

Remote Controlled Ferrari

Ferrari Laferrari Remote Control

One thing that will definitely impress even older kids is the design itself. With this mini replica of Ferrari, your kid will have the coolest toy in the neighborhood. One of the things that make this toy special is its ability to open doors and turn on headlights as well as rear lights.

When looking for best rc cars under 100 dollars you probably wouldn’t aim for a Ferrari replica. Luckily for you, this model is more than affordable. The impressive design is one thing but that’s not the top selling feature of this RC toy. Its mobility, ease of use as well as durability is what makes this RC car superb and every kid’s favorite toy. To run it, you’ll need 5 AA batteries, so we suggest that you get the rechargeable ones as regular AA batteries can impact performances and last far less than the other kind.

  • Representable design
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to use  

  • Performance drops in the absence of a flat surface

Hapinic RC Car

Hapinic RC Car with Two Battery 4WD

Another monster truck RC toy with the astounding speed limit is probably what your little one will be cheering for as a gift this Christmas. This crawler RC can go over any obstacle and be driven on virtually any surface.

The most important thing to mention about this product is that it’s made from plastic that’s absolutely harmless for the little ones. This means that it’s non-toxic, highly durable type of plastic that’s resistant to scratches and other types of superficial damage. The RC car runs on two 4.8 V mAh rechargeable batteries and can last up to 30 minutes. Which is more than enough being that the range of remote control is around 100 meters and the vehicle itself can achieve a speed of 15 km/h. This is more than enough speed and range for your little one to play in or around the house.

  • Made from highly durable plastic
  • Battery lifespan is acceptable
  • Can go over various types of surfaces

  • Poor grip on smooth surfaces

HALOFUN RC Cars Kids, Fitmaker

halofun rc cars fitmaker

This RC model isn’t known for its usability but for its maneuverability and driving potential. It resembles a classic monster truck with oversized wheels and suspension system. So if your kid loves challenging remote control toy cars that aren’t limited to one type of surface, it’s time to see what HALOFUN RC has to offer.

With a stunning 26 MPH top speed this is one of the fastest RC monster truck toys on the market. Although it lacks aerodynamics, it has a powerful motor and superb traction which make it up for it. Next to that, it’s pretty durable due to the carefully designed anti-collision frame. To top all that, it comes with a USB charger so that you can always keep a full pack of batteries in reserve.  

  • All-terrain RC car
  • Comes with a USB charger
  • Durable frame and high top speed

  • The complex controller makes driving a real challenge for beginners

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

Maisto RC Rock Crawler

Maistro’s Rock Crawler RC monster truck definitely deserves a spot on our list of best rc cars currently on the market. There are multiple reasons to think so, one of which is a recognizable two-motor and low gearing driving system which allow increased maneuverability and handling.

Setting aside the ease of use of Rock Crawler, the toy offers other features as well. The design is flawless as it really gives that “monster truck” feeling while driving. Its massive tires and impressive suspension system make this RC an all-terrain toy vehicle. There isn’t really a restriction to where this remote control toy can go. It comes with a three-channel controller which will require 2 AA batteries to operate. With 6 AA batteries required for the vehicle itself, the count comes to 8 AA batteries for both the controller and the RC car.

  • Durable
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Great design

  • Requires 8 AA batteries in total to function

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep R/C Vehicle

Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep

Jada Toys GIRLMAIZING Big Foot Jeep is definitely something that will interest even your baby girl. If she’s developed an interest in playing with RC toys, you won’t have much choice but to buy her a couple of them. But why spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of low-quality toys when you can get one, top quality RC toy?

This worthy replica of Jeep Wrangler is made to look exactly like the real deal. It comes in purple color and the plastic that’s made of is 100 % safe for the use of children. The toy set features a classic remote controller that’s surprisingly easy to use. The top selling feature of this toy is that your girl will be able to place all sorts of stickers and redesign it the way she wants it. Finally an RC toy for girls with equal maneuverability and speed.

  • Excellent distance range
  • Can be used outside
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price

  • Drains batteries fast
  • Doesn’t turn that well

Haktoys Light up Racing Red

Haktoys Light Up Racing Red

This RC sports car is another great way to introduce your toddlers to a world of RC toys. It’s pretty easy to use and it doesn’t lack any features that toys for older kids have. One of the biggest features of this unique RC toy car is that it has a LED frame that covers the whole toy. This way your toddler will definitely be entertained for hours.

The remote control toy comes with a controller and an antenna that’s fairly easy to install. The range of the controller is 100 feet and the toy’s use is recommended on flat surfaces or carpets. You’ll need 5 AA batteries to run it, and your little one will be able to race for about 20 minutes until the batteries run out. Which is more than enough for this age. You should get the rechargeable batteries to avoid expense.

  • Impressive design
  • LED frame
  • Easy to drive

  • Lacks durability

How to Choose the Best RC Car for Your Kid

Getting the right toy for your kid can be a real challenge even when you know what type of toy to focus on. Over the last 6 years, the toy industry has earned roughly around 80 billion dollars, which implies that they are investing in their products making them better as well in their marketing strategies. The success of their marketing strategies serves as an example for toy companies with smaller revenue.

That’s exactly why there’s a wide list of online stores which distribute toys from various toy companies. So how do you choose the best RC car for your kid? Here are a couple of tips that should help you with your purchase.

Look for Quality Instead Affordability

When looking for a specific toy for your kid, such as a remote control vehicle, you shouldn’t set a price range. There’s a reason why cheaper RC toys tend to break more often and their controller’s malfunction, and it’s closely related to their price. Of course, as the quality of the toy goes up the price follows. But thinking that you’ll save money by getting a cheaper RC will only gradually drain your finances.

boy playing with remote control car

It’s better to buy one quality toy that will last for years than to buy a much cheaper one that will surely break after a couple of months. And you can bet that once your kid brakes the cheap one, he’ll want another one. So instead of buying a new RC car every month or so, why not invest in a top quality one that will surely serve him for at least a couple of years.

Focus on Their Favorite Model

If your kid has a list of favorite cars, you might want to get him an RC toy that’s an exact replica of that model. These toys are usually made in a 1:15; 1:16 scale so that every detail that a real car has is identical on the RC car. Your kid will be delighted to see all the details and perks that a real car has on their new toy.

So if you’re getting him an RC car you might as well get the model that he finds interesting the most. This might be a Lamborghini, Land Rower or any type of monster truck depending on your child’s preferences and taste.

All Terrain or Flat Surface?

One feature shared among best rc cars for kids is their ability to traverse across all types of surface. If you’re planning on getting your toddler their first RC it’s best to focus on a flat surface toy vehicle. Being that your kid is only a couple of years old, you wouldn’t want to extend their playground beyond your apartment floor.

However, if your kid is older an considers himself an experienced RC driver, you should look for a remote control toy that can go on any surface. This will allow them to experiment with their improvised track and make a playground anywhere.

Important Things to Look out For

Next to a type of vehicle, your kid’s preference and taste in vehicles, there’s also a list of important things to look out for when buying their first remote-controlled toy. Making sure that the toy is safe for child’s use as well as entertaining and durable guarantees that you’ve picked a top quality toy for your little one. Here are the specifics and details that you should pay attention to when buying RC toys for your younglings.

Type of Material

Not all toys are made from the same material. There are those that are entirely made from plastic or aluminum, and there are also those that are made from a mixed material that includes rubber, different types of plastic and harmful chemicals. All of these are used to enhance the color or get the right texture.

So before you develop an interest in one type of toy make sure that it’s made from non-toxic materials. Kids will put anything in their mouth and you can’t be there to watch over their actions every second. That’s why getting a toy that’s safe for child’s use is the only way to make sure your kid doesn’t get harmed in any way while playing with their favorite toy.

Age Limit

Another way to protect your child from swallowing a small piece of a toy is to pay attention to the age limit. This protocol controls the distribution making sure that the toys are sold to users of appropriate age. Anything from small pieces, sharp edges and breakable material isn’t allowed to be on a toy intended for kids younger than 3 years. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a parent to check the age limit on each toy that you bring to your little one.

Remote Control Range and Quality

Being that these toys are operated from afar you might as well pay attention to the maximum range of a controller. The concept of a remote control is simple. On one end there’s a device that sends information (remote controller) and on the other is a receiver (RC Car). Once a command is issued on a controller the radio waves send that information to your toy and the motor inside transfers the torque on wheels or on the turning mechanism.

However, some RC toys can respond to radio waves of other controllers. That’s why it’s best to check the frequency on the controller to make sure that the other kid in the neighborhood won’t be able to move your son’s toy. Also, there’s range limit on each controller, so pick the one that suits the size of your kid’s playground. It all depends on the age of your child and the area in which you plan to let him play.


You might think that these toys are just for entertainment purposes, and that kids enjoy using them just because they’re fun. However, most of the modern toys are designed to improve your kid’s social skills, motor and cognitive function as well as help them become more responsible. When a child is ready to start exploring their surroundings and interact with objects, they immediately start developing crucial life skills. That’s why you should know how beneficial the use of these toys is for their overall progress.

girl playing with remote control car

Cause & Effect

Making a connection between moving a stick on a controller and seeing a toy vehicle move is a big thing and quite important for a kid to learn early on. That’s why buying an RC toy for your toddler is super beneficial for their progress. By moving the toy around by remote control they’re bound to crash it more than once.

But don’t worry, these toys are made to last and are extra durable when it comes to crashing them into a piece of furniture or wall. At the end of the day, your little one will start to realize the importance of this lesson while the toy will only suffer a couple of scratches.

Motor Skills

By interacting with their toy via remote control or by hand-picking them they’ll practice their motor skills as well. Playing with an RC toy inside the house will surely result in getting the car flipped a couple of times. In this and similar situations, your kid will have to pick it up and place it on a flat surface to be able to move again. This will definitely help to develop their motor skills much faster.

Cognitive Function and Self Awareness

Although you might not think much about the process of moving a toy car with a remote control, the fact remains that it does benefit your child in more than one way. They’ll develop their cognitive function by memorizing the function of each button, as well as by applying this knowledge to move the car the way they want it.

They have to make an image in their head of a car moving in a certain direction before the brain sends signals to their muscles to move the stick or press a button on a controller. And this process and the reward of actually succeeding in moving it in the desired direction does wonders for the development of their cognitive function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another great way to figure out which toy to buy or what features does it hide is to check what others have to say about the same product. You’re not the only parent trying to buy that specific toy to your kid, so naturally, you can count on reviews of others to determine whether it’s the right toy for the little one.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the above mentioned RC toys:

Is it Safe for my 3-year Old to Use While I’m not around?

All of these toys have an age limit which determines for what age group it’s intended. Regarding the safety of your child, you should also make sure that the material that the toy is made of is completely safe for kid’s use.

Some RC toys are entirely made from a non-toxic type of plastic so your kid will be safe even in case they try to nibble it. Toddlers will put anything in their mouths and the toy companies that make products for kids are well aware of this fact. That’s why these toys don’t have sharp or jagged edges.

How long do the Batteries Last on These Toys?

Depending on the type car as well as the quality of your batteries your kid will be able to play with their favorite RC toy from 10-60 minutes. Using rechargeable batteries will definitely save you some time and money with rebuying the batteries. Some RC car models use up to 8 AA batteries which is a lot.

Another thing that determines how long your batteries will last is the range of the remote control. If you bought a remote control car for your kid to use it inside the house, you won’t need to change the batteries so often. However, if you got a long range RC toy for your kid, chances are that you’ll need to pack a couple of batteries with you all the time or bring a charger with you. This way you’ll be able to change the batteries in an instant, therefore, extending your kids playtime out in the open.

How to Resolve Problems with the Interference of Frequencies?

Some RC cars come with a remote that uses the same frequency as devices in the vicinity, including other toys of the same sort. That’s why sometimes while exploring the outdoors with their new toy your kid will get the feeling that they aren’t totally in control of their toy vehicle. Using two controllers with the same frequency will result in erratic behavior of the car and that isn’t fun for anyone.

To avoid this make sure that you get the remote controller that uses a unique frequency that doesn’t interfere with other toys in the vicinity. The alternative would be to keep your distance from other RC cars or to get a remote controller with adjustable frequencies. Look for the details on each toy before you buy it to prevent all of these problems.

What type of RC Car for Kids is fastest out There?

There are more than a couple of RC car types some of which include roadsters, buggies, off-roaders and monster trucks. They all have different features where some are all-terrain vehicles, others have faster acceleration and top speed or can even jump.

Depending on your kid’s taste for cars you can get either a sports toy car or one that can avoid obstacles with ease. It all depends on what your kid finds more entertaining. Regarding the speed of these toys, some models like Lamborghini or Ferrari can go as fast as 10 miles per hours. However, these toys aren’t easy to use. You shouldn’t expect that your kid will learn how to drive it with ease in a couple of hours. If you really want to let them practice it’s best to let them play in a large, obstacle-free area. This way they’ll be able to test their top speed as well as maneuverability and grip.

Can These Toys be modified in Any Way?

Indeed, some RC cars have a frame that can be modified. You can soften the suspensions or completely replace the tires making it more suitable for driving on hard terrain. However, basic models intended for kids and toddlers don’t come with this kit. You can tweak some of the features on these toys yourself, but it isn’t recommended as it can affect user’s safety.

Getting an RC kit will allow you to modify most of the parts, but this is only in a case that the model supports this type of adjustment. The kit includes a set of unique screwdrivers, screws and other essential tools for tweaking performances on these toys.

Will my kids be able to use the wagon on their own?

Yes, some basic models are designed to be used by toddlers and kids. This is possible due to a clever design that features an easy access to the wagon. The doors installed on the side of a wagon allow your little one and their sibling to enter and exit the wagon at any time. All you’ll have to do is to teach them to secure the door with the lock or do it yourself every time they enter it. Another feature that makes some wagons usable for kids is the weight of the wagon. Lightweight wagons can be pulled even by the younglings and the foldable handle can be adjusted for any height. So if you’re looking for something that they’ll be able to use themselves you should look for simplicity in design.


Getting your kid their first real RC toy is something that they will keep in their memory for a long time. That’s why it’s important to know which type of a vehicle they prefer, how easy they are to use and how durable they are, the range of the remote controller, etc.

All of these details matter as the last thing that you’d want is to get a toy that they won’t enjoy playing with. Next to features and qualities of RC cars you should also include the educational potential when looking for the right one.