Best Rated Toys for 10 Year Old Girls Reviewed in 2019

Parenting pre-teen girls is an enormous challenge because one moment they want to play with dolls and the next one they want to put on makeup. At this age, girls are interested in many things, but they can also lose their interest very quickly, which is why it’s important to pick gifts that are going to be useful, unique, and fun for a long time.

Struggling to find gifts for 10 year old girls is normal, but if you do a bit of research first, the gift-picking process can easily become fun and exciting. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for 10 year old girls.

Best Toys for 10 Year Old Girl


project mc2 ultimate spy bag

Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag

Project Mc2


royalbaby jenny and bunny girl's bike

Royalbaby Jenny & Bunny Girl's Bike


Fun & Outdoor

fujifilm instax square

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6



nerf rebelle agent bow

Nerf Rebelle Bow

Nerf Rebelle

Fun & Outdoor

anki cozmo robot

Anki Cozmo Robot


Fun & Educational

Anki Cozmo Robot

anki cozmo robot

Cozmo robot is an adorable companion and the perfect way to introduce coding to your children. He comes with three cubes that you can use to play games with him and the more time your girl spends with Cozmo, the better he will be at recognizing her face and emotions. His own face is able to express a lot of different emotions: pouting, curiosity, happiness…

Keep in mind that you will have to have a smartphone in order to use the robot, and if you have an iPhone, it should have at least iOS 9 on it. Batteries have to be replaced rather soon after you get your robot, but they aren’t standard-sized ones. That being said, screen face animations, as well as sounds, are so well done that your little girl will easily see the toy as a living thing.

  • Interactive
  • Introduces basic coding
  • Conveniently sized

  • Rather expensive
  • Need a newer smartphone to operate the robot

Nerf Rebelle Bow

nerf rebelle agent bow

Katniss Everdeen and Merida the Brave are the heroines the world needed and waited for, and it’s no wonder why many girls like them and want to be like them when they grow up. Both of these characters also made girls pay more attention to archery, and this is one of the reasons why bow toys are becoming increasingly popular. Girls who dream about becoming professional archers when they grow up will immensely enjoy this Agent Bow Blaster.

Even though the toy looks and works just like the real bow, it’s a perfectly safe nonetheless. The arrows have a protective end piece which will protect both clumsy girls and any spectators. It’s perfect for honing your girls’ archery skills because there’s an electronic sight that allows them to aim more accurately.

  • Comes in pink and black
  • Electronic sight lines improve accuracy

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • String may break

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

fujifilm instax square

This is the age when girls start showing interest in art, and more than one ten year old girl will gladly take a phone and walk around recording videos and snapping photos. This is where Instax Square SQ6 steps in – it’s a convenient analog camera that allows anyone to make pretty photos.

There are three color filters that come with the camera and allow you to make your photos more interesting without using photoshop or any other editing tool. Its size is perfect for the hands of 10 year old girls, but don’t be fooled – adults can have fun with this camera too. It’s also great for taking selfies because there’s a small mirror on the front lens. The camera comes with a nice strap so it can be carried around and a tripod that allows you to just place the camera in a convenient place, set the timer, and take a perfect family photo every time.

  • Comes with three color filters
  • Conveniently sized
  • Modes and controls are easy to master

  • Batteries aren’t rechargeable
  • The square film for the camera can be a bit expensive

Royalbaby Jenny & Bunny Girl's Bike

royalbaby jenny and bunny girl's bike

Is there a parent that likes to see their kids sitting on the couch all day long? We would guess not, and the fact that more and more parents are encouraging their kids to take up active hobbies and sports support this. Riding a bike is a great way to be active and move from one place to another, and it’s a wonderful chance to socialize and spend quality time with friends and family.

The smaller bikes come with a set of training wheels so if your little girl is still insecure about her bike riding skills, she can practice until she grows more confident. Of course, if your girl doesn’t need them, you can always order a bigger bike and skip the wheels. What is more, adjusting the seat has never been easier with quick adjustment seat post.

  • It comes almost completely assembled
  • Well-made and sturdy

  • There aren’t mud flaps in the front and back

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

fujifilm instax mini 8

We already mentioned the appeal that small cameras have and how convenient they are. They are a perfect combination of educational and fun and they are much more than simple toys for 10 year old girls.

One of the best things about this adorable instant film camera is the fact that it’s able to automatically determine the best brightness for taking a picture, but you can also adjust the brightness the way you like it in order to take photos with a bit softer impressions. Once printed, photos will have a white frame that can be used to write down little notes i.e. when and where the photo was taken in the first place.

  • There are 15 colors and designs to choose from
  • Comes with a film inside and 2 additional packs

  • The prints are small
  • The quality of the photos might not be too good

Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag

project mc2 ultimate spy bag

Who doesn’t like to pretend that they’re a super-secret spy on a super-secret mission to uncover the plot and stop the bad guys? Long gone are the days when only boys could imagine themselves as spies; girls are stepping up as well, and this Ultimate Spy Bag will help them.

On the outside, this looks like a regular pink bag for little girls, but on the inside, there are many secret agent pieces to help little girls in their fight against crime. This is a truly innovative and educational toy for 10 year old girls designed to awaken their imagination and inspire interest in forensics and science. Hidden magnifier, lipsticks that actually send messages, air blower disguised as perfume bottle, and flashlight in form of a nail polish are just some of the things she will find inside.

  • Comes with instruction on how to conduct your own science experiments
  • Extra batteries for the flashlight

  • It can be very difficult to open once it’s closed

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

easy bake ultimate oven edition

Cooking is one of the life skills that every one of us should know, and childhood is the perfect time to awaken interest and love for spending time in the kitchen and preparing food. Easy Bake oven has been on the market for decades and holds a position as one of the best gifts for 10 year old girls.

This adorable little oven allows the children to create their own favorite dishes and desserts without hurting themselves. Without the risk of cutting or burning themselves, parents will be more than willing to let their children play with an oven and bake as many muffins as they little hearts desire. There are special Easy Bake mixes that allow children to easily prepare edible treats and share them with friends and family afterwards. Still, as this is an electric toy, so adults should make sure it’s unplugged when not in use.

  • Different mixes included
  • Completely electric
  • Heats up quickly

  • Mixes contain certain allergens (wheat, milk, peanuts, and eggs among others)

Kids Play House Princess Tent

kids play house princess tent

Can you think of a child who doesn’t like to have their own little corner where they can play? Ten year old girls like pretend-play and they like to imagine they’re princesses, so is there a better way to help their dreams come true than giving them their own little princess tent to play in? This adorable little playhouse will let them have a place of their own to play alone or with friends, or to simply read and daydream in peace.

The shape of the tent is unique because it resembles a castle from a fairy tale, and it comes with little light so it resembles an enchanted caste even more. It’s pretty spacious so your little girl will be able to have her siblings and friends visit her in her castle often.

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to clean
  • Screens keep away the mosquitoes

  • It can be a bit difficult to put together because it has many pieces

Hello Kitty Lunch Bag

hello kitty lunch bag

At the age of 10, most children start looking for ways to express themselves and are proud to show off their interests. Lunch boxes and lunch bags are especially important for them and they’re cool gifts for 10 year old girls not only because they store their food inside, but because lunch bags and boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, prints, and patterns children love. Hello Kitty lunch bag is a classic, and girls of all ages would love to store their lunch inside every day.

The bag is made of tough material and the best thing is that it’s insulated on the inside, which means that her lunch will stay nice and cool for hours. The zipper is as sturdy as the bag, and if it gets sticky because of spilled juice or dessert, you can wash the bag with soapy water and leave it air dry.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Insulated

  • There are some reports of zipper problems

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Machine

wireless bluetooth microphone karaoke machine

It’s not really a secret that many girls daydream about being pop stars, actresses, singers, and celebrities, and with this Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Machine their dreams are within reach. This lovely little microphone is more than that: it’s a great way to channel creativity and encourage girls to sing, dance, and tell stories.

There are buttons that will allow girls to add their own sound effects while using the toy or they can just connect it to any music app and have a karaoke competition. Even though it looks heavy and bulky, it’s perfectly sized for little girls’ hands and it’s not too heavy so they won’t get tired after carrying it around for a while. It can change your voice so it becomes funny or even scary, and this is one of the options children like best.

  • Easily connected to smart devices
  • Doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and a recorder
  • Rechargeable battery

  • When reproduced, the recorded voice may have an echo

Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

bloxels build your own video game

When was the last time you were able to design the game you wanted to play? This is not very common, but with Bloxels Build Your Own Video Games, it’s going to be easy and fun. Tools are an exciting combination of physical and digital, and there are designs made to help you to create your first video game. On the other hand, you can also use elements to create not only video games but pieces of art.

When designing a game, differently colored pieces have different roles: blue ones are for water, red ones are for hazard, and green ones are for the terrain. When it comes to art, however, each color block is differently colored pixel. When the girls finishes her ‘picture’, she can snap a photo using an in-app camera and upload it to Bloxel Builder app to play with later.

  • Sparks interest in art and design
  • Works on Apple iOS, Android, as well as Kindle

  • No instructions or guides in the box
  • Lighting conditions when taking a photo have to be good

Ailihen C8 Headphones

ailihen c8 headphones

Children love music, and great gifts for girls will always include karaoke machines, microphones, and headphones. Headphones are one of the best gifts for girls because they give them a chance to watch and listen to everything they want without disturbing their parents or siblings.

Another great thing about them is that they’re really lightweight which makes them perfect for children, their small heads, and delicate ears. Still, they expand easily so older siblings and/or parents won’t have any problems to put them on and listen to something that girls want to play for them. While adults might find them uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing, children seem to like them and have no problem wearing them for a long time. Children can use these for school and after they finish, they can fold them and keep them in their locker.

  • Collapsible and easy to store
  • Adjustable
  • Sound isolation gives great sound

  • The padding might not be thick enough for some

Doodle World Map Pillowcase

doodle world map pillowcase

When was the last time you had to warn your child no to doodle on everything? Sometimes kids will get carried away and they’ll draw on notebooks, books, tables, and even their clothes, but you don’t have to warn them not to do it anymore with this Doodle World Map Pillowcase. It’s a fantastic pillowcase that allows children to be creative and learn something. Parents will be glad to know that it’s not made of any PVC material but of finest Turkish cotton, which makes it very soft and comfy.

It’s an artistic but also an educational toy for 10 year old girls because there are fun and interesting facts written all over the pillowcase which they can read while they color. Parents don’t have to worry, however, because the ink in the set of pens that comes with the pillowcase can easily be washed out on a warm machine wash.

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Easy to maintain

  • The ink runs if kids sweat or drool in their sleep

Klutz String Art Book Kit

klutz string art book kit

Whenever they bring you a drawing and you put it on the fridge, children feel happy and their confidence in their own artistic skills grows. Imagine how happy they’ll be when they’re able to produce little works of art using nothing else besides some pins and colorful strings – they’ll be filled with pride!

The kit comes with instructions that will help the girls master the three techniques: Fan, Zigzag, and Scribble, and they’ll soon learn how different their art can look when they simply use a different background paper and string colors. After they’ve mastered the technique and got some skills, girls can easily create art on their own. The string is simple embroidery string you can easily find in stores if you need more at some point.

  • Improves creativity and fine motor skills
  • Teaches patience
  • Makes children pay attention to details

  • Pins are sharp so children must be careful when using them

Breyer My Dream Horse

breyer horse craft set

Years ago, painting your own train, plane, or a car was a great way to customize your toys, and this time 10 year old girls can do it with horse toys too. The model horse is very lifelike and any horse-loving little girls will immediately fall in love with it. Not only does the kit come with paints and brushes, but also with real mohair and glue which allow you to make a realistic toy with ease. This means that a little girl who’s in love with horses won’t have to be limited to collecting posters, photos, and figurines, but this way they will have a toy that’s a reflection of who they are.

10 year old girls will find this toy adorable and they will love customizing it because, in the end, they’ll have a horse of their own. They will have a chance and liberty to paint it any color they want and make it look just like a horse from their dreams would.

  • Real mohair included
  • Easy instructions for beginners
  • Very affordable

  • Applying and gluing mohair and chalk might be problematic

How to Choose the Most Popular Toys for Ten Year Old Girl?

Keeping track of what’s popular in pretty much any sphere of life is incredibly difficult, and every now and then you can see parents and grandparents buying gifts for children only for both sides to end up disappointed. This happens because popular trends and toys change rapidly, and while some may stay popular for years, others become obsolete after only a few months. In order to help you avoid this heartbreaking scenario, we’ve put together a list of the most popular toys for ten year old girls on the market.

Some of the toys are highly artistic – they allow girls to express themselves and channel their creativity in a safe and comforting way. They will be able to paint, draw, sing, dance, and engage in role-play activities which will help them feel grounded in the hectic time which is tween and pre-teen years.

When looking for the most popular toys, you can always go for the toys which the girl can share with her siblings and/or friends. At this age, friendships and relationships become increasingly important, so if you give her toys which both she and her friends will enjoy playing with, you’ll hit the jackpot and she will love it.

The safest bet is to ask her about what she likes and whether she has any hobbies. Listen closely to what she has to say and pay attention to where her interests lay: if she likes pop music you can encourage her to sing by getting her a karaoke machine, if she likes animals stuffed toys are a good idea, and if she adores superheroes you can find things that her favorite movie character uses.

Keep in mind that sometimes popular toys won’t be interesting to your girl, and it would be better to ask her about her likes and interests rather than blindly follow trends.

Criteria we used

Fortunately, the threshold of adolescence is the time when your child’s safety is almost entirely in their own hands, so you don’t have to worry about choking hazard and/or them accidentally hurting themselves while playing with toys. They already know that they should be careful and want to focus on having fun and learning new things, which are exactly the things we focused on while putting together this list of perfect gifts for 10 year old girls.


Girls these days reach puberty much sooner than it used to be the case in the past, which is one of the reasons why they have strong need to be independent. This is the reasons why toys and gifts aimed at nurturing this independence are a great choice, and always very popular among girls.

This means that toys you buy them now should require little to no adult supervision so that they can feel free to express themselves without feeling too self-conscious around adults. Such toys include highly active and artistic ones, and seeing as these toys require virtually no instructions and enhance imagination, the girls will fall in love with them.


This is the time when girls start valuing their friendships more than ever, but also the time when girls start breaking up friendships too. Fortunately, there are many great toys for ten year old girls that will help foster friendships and teach team about the real value of friendships.


Of course, every parent wants their child to learn and do well in school, but when it comes to kids, they just want to have fun. Being a teen is difficult as is, and you want your girls to be free to be themselves while still learning to become teenagers. There are some truly remarkable toys that can be as fun as they are educational and if you find such toys your little girl will cherish it for years.


How can I help my struggling tween girl find herself?

At the threshold of adolescence, 10 year old girls find themselves trapped between two powerful desires: wanting to stay small and play with the same old dolls and wanting to grow up and become independent. This is a difficult place for anyone to find themselves in, and you can help by talking to them.

Encourage them to open up and share their fears and wishes with you, and do your best to explain that what they’re feeling is perfectly normal and that they should feel free to play with dolls and makeup alike.

How do I find toys that girls will like for a long time?

Sadly, there isn’t a fool-proof formula to help you pick the perfect gift for a 10 year old girl. The girls at this age are all different, and even when they’re close friends, their interests might be opposite. If your girl has a special toy she loves very much, it’s expected that the said toy will not be in perfect conditions in years to come, especially if she likes to play with it a lot. While it’s natural that toys age (and even ‘suffer’) at the hands of children, when the time comes to replace them, children’s interests will most likely lie elsewhere.

What if I buy the wrong toys?

Accidents happen and people make mistakes, so it can easily happen that even after all the hard work you’ve put into finding the best toys for ten year old girls you end up buying one she won’t particularly like. If that happens don’t feel bad but try to talk to her about it openly and see if you can get her to tell you what toy she would like instead. If there are any toys she no longer plays with, you can always donate them to charity or sell them on E-bay.


As challenging as it may be to find the right gifts for 10 year old girls, it’s not impossible. This is the age when girls start exploring the world a bit better and the more they learn, the more confident they will be as they grow. Don’t try to limit them by buying them only cuddly toys or craft gifts, but rather encourage them to explore, improvise, and grow by getting them artistic gifts as well as toys they could use for role-plays with friends.

This way, you will help them discover where their likes and interests lay and help them to grow into happy teenage girls.