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There isn't much about Atlanta weather that's been inspiring me lately. It's been wet and muggy, with all the gray of January coupled with the humidity of high August. The worst of both worlds. At this point, I've given up on Summer - the way things play out down here normally, I'd be baked a pretty golden brown by now - instead, my skin's the same fair olive it resorts to in colder months, sans the rosy glow of winter biting my cheeks. 

Because of this, I find myself tapping my toe, waiting on the arrival of cooler temperatures - and in doing so, mentally planning my fall wardrobe. The way I see it, if it's going to be gray out anyway, I might as well at least get to bust out my new boots. Being the smart shopper I so fancy myself, I scooped up this pair of Gucci riding boots in July and I'm antsy to wear them. Even on sale, still super pricey, but an investment piece I see myself wearing for years to come. After I saw these photos of Alexandra Macon in Charleston on Vogue's "Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl" (a favorite recurring feature), I got outfit envy and promptly decided I needed a pair of my own. 

Aside from my black bag of choice this year, I think a great cuoio leather accessory is always a smart buy. I'm not really one for a trendy handbag - I think it's wasteful to buy something new every season when you can buy one smart handbag and have it last you. Then it becomes a signature - and in the case of a buttery, tanned leather, it will age so beautifully that not embracing it's longevity is silly. I'll be touting my 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag around New York during fall Fashion Week, and it's the only satchel (save a Kotur clutch or two for evening) that I'm bringing. 

Always a fun part of the annual NYFW pilgrimage for my group of friends is Harriman Cup. I planned poorly last year and didn't bring anything to wear save a black maxi dress - I was promptly scolded by a friend who gasped at the notion of anyone wearing black to a polo match. So I sat it out. This year, I'll be armed with an arsenal of print dresses (prints! color! who am I?) and flat sandals, ready to tailgate. 

I'm pretty burnt out on brand collaborations because honestly they usually fall flat beneath the hype that precedes them, but the ISSA London collection at Banana Republic has some strong pieces, in particular a kimono dress I love that I see being a solid option for Harriman. It's clearly a total nod to Kate Middleton - but honestly who has a problem with that? 

Keeping things built around wardrobe workhorses from denim favorites from MiH and Sinclair, I'm only picking up a few new tops and jackets. This suede beauty from SW3 Bespoke is on order, and thanks to the brilliant Rosemary at the Lenox Square J.Crew (seriously the woman is an amazing personal shopper) I scooped up a gorgeous jade sweater

So is it fall yet? I'm ready. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm always ready for fall/boot weather. Can't come fast enough!
Great post. Thanks for sharing.


Emily said...

I am so ready for boots. The weather around Atlanta really is crazy. I am so used to people yelling at me about a draught that I do not know what to do with all this rain.



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