The Love List loves the guys at Taylor Stitch. Yeah, they make great shirts, but did you know their taste in music is on-par? So much so that I gave them the helm of the playlist series awhile back -- well worth it, because they turned in an amorous mix of tempting tunes... one worth a revisit now that the temperatures are hovering around 50 on the East Coast. It's an exemplary excuse to curl up around a fireplace. But that was way back in February. Let's talk about right now: Good Acre, the next foray into apparel from the same handsome brains, are no-nonsense pants for the man circling in your orbit. And you know what I mean when I say man, because I totally italicized it. That's to say rugged rogue, celebrator of Movember, navigator of the scenic route... the guy with his sleeves rolled up because his hands are dirty, not because it's a look. You know, that guy. A man

On a day like today, where history is made as we elect the man who will run our great country for the next four years, it can't hurt to celebrate the backs it was built on. Honest and all-American; willing to put in a day's work. That, to me, is a true man, and every bit as patriotic as that "I voted" sticker you're (hopefully) rocking today. 



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