Nintendo Advent Calendar 2022

Introduction In this blog we will review the Nintendo November Advent Calendar.  before that let’s discuss some brief introduction about Nintendo November Calendar. Nintendo rolled out its first product in 1985 in Northern America. Since then, they have made serious progress in video game history, to the extent of becoming major players in adventure games. Mario has particularly starred in so many game adventures, and over time, he has become an icon in pop culture. Today, Mario and his friends Yoshi, Toad, Peach, and Luigi have made a lasting impression in the classic Hero video game. The most amazing part is that they appeal to audiences across all age groups, starting from kids aged 3 years and above. The Super Mario Advent calendar awards you the special opportunity to explore the Kingdom of Mushrooms especially due to its great surprises. As you wait for your event or countdown the days to Christmas or whatever holiday you await, unveil a new figure or accessory each day and create even more memorable moments with your loved ones. By the way have you ever seen nintendo november box exterior? it’s look is eye-catchy and attractive. Just think that the Nintendo November Box’s exterior … Continue reading Nintendo Advent Calendar 2022