10 Top Rated Toys for Toddler Girls in 2019

She’s adorable, she’s curious, and her energy is inexhaustible – watching a toddler grow and play is pure joy. You’ll notice how she’s becoming more responsive to toys and how anything that responds to her actions fascinates her. As she develops further, her playtime becomes more purposeful. Around the age of 2, she’ll be building chunky blocks by herself with more skill, as well as engaging in pretend play and mimicking some of the actions she’d seen others doing.

Needless to say, the toddler phase is really special. You want to provide your child with different toys that are entertaining to her as well as beneficial to the various stages of toddler development. The options are as vast as her curiosity, so we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular toys for toddler girls aged 1 to 3. Take your pick and delight your little girl.

Best Toys for Toddler Girls


step 2 whisper ride pink car

Step 2 Whisper Ride Pink

Step2Fun & Outdoor

ehome musical instruments

Toddler Musical Instruments

EhomeFun & Educational

lego duplo minnie mouse

Lego Minnie Mouse


frozen elsa doll

Disney Frozen Toddler Elsa Doll


lego duplo pink box photo

Pink Duplo Blocks LEGO


Pink Duplo Blocks LEGO

lego duplo pink box photo

The age of 1 is the time to introduce your little girl to her first building kit. She’ll be amused by all the different, colorful pieces (65 of them precisely), which are perfectly chunky for small hands to use. Pretty soon, she’ll get to work building and rebuilding them and she’ll get the hang of it quickly – you might find yourself amazed at how she can do it all on her own.

The best part about this set is that the numerous, varying pieces can offer a different building experience every time, so children can use it in different ways as their playing changes and develops. Some bricks are color-coded and numbered so that your little girl is not just enhancing her fine motor skills while playing, but also learning to count and developing sequencing skills. That’s not all – there are also complementary pieces, such as the cute girl and animal figures, to spark up her imagination and intrigue her.

  • Sturdy storage box with plenty of space
  • Compatible with other LEGO building kits
  • Easy to put together and take apart

  • Limited amount of standard-shaped blocks

Disney Frozen Toddler Elsa Doll

frozen elsa doll

Now, the “Frozen” craze is not going away anytime soon, and chances are, you also have a little girl who simply adores Elsa. If that’s the case, this super cute Elsa doll is a gift that she’ll fall in love with and get attached to very quickly.

At a height of 15in, the doll is very large and life-like, so it will undoubtedly amaze your toddler and be the center of many adventures in the land of play pretend. She wears the beautiful iconic Elsa dress, but there are also the glittering snowflake cape and shoes that can be removed, which make the doll more interesting to a toddler as she tinkers with the costume. These are very small parts, however, so the doll is not meant for children less than 3 years of age.

  • Large and life-like doll
  • Removable cape and shoes for dressing up

  • Small parts – not for children under 3
  • The shoes may fall off Elsa’s feet too easily

Lego Minnie Mouse

lego duplo minnie mouse

You can’t go wrong with building kits at the toddler stage. They help build fine motor skills, encourage logic and problem solving, and are overall incredibly entertaining – provided that they’re age-appropriate, of course.

This wonderful, colorful Lego Minnie Mouse building set is a perfect gift for a 2 year old girl, but it has great play value so you can expect it to still be played with in years to come. The overall 70 pieces offer different levels of complexity and your child can make anything she wants, regardless of the instructions. A toddler would need help from you to construct the tower, but as she develops, she’ll be able to do it on her own and feel really proud of herself. Once it is put together, it’s a sweet little “bow-tique” that provides hours of creative role-play with Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Cuckoo Loca figurines. And who doesn’t find these characters lovable?!

  • Compatible with other Lego building kits
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Windows and doors can open and close
  • Chunky enough for 2 year olds

  • Building a tower like the one shown on the box is too complex for a toddler

Toddler Musical Instruments

ehos instruments music

At this stage, your baby girl is fascinated by sound and color, so this musical set will be a perfect fit for her. With its vibrant colors and cute design, it will surely get your toddlers’ attention to start her musical career. Playing with Toddler musical instruments will ignite several important areas in your child’s development: fine motor skills, cognitive abilities such as memory span, abilities to solve problems, use of logic and many more.

This colorful set contains 15 types of wooden instruments and 22 different pieces, which will occupy your toddler’s attention for hours. With that many pieces, it is great for birthday parties and play dates – your kid can start her own mini band with her friends!  After the jam session is over, you and your punk-rock princess can pack all of the instruments in a convenient backpack, and move the party somewhere else.

  • Backpack storage spacious
  • Vibrant colors that are lasting
  • Good value for money

  • Adult supervision required, as smaller parts might fall off easily

Little Tikes Shopping Cart

little tikes shopping cart for girls

Going grocery shopping with mommy is always such an adventure! Riding in the shopping cart and looking at all of those colorful items in the aisle is a blast for every toddler. Now, your toddler can have her own shopping adventure with her favorite doll, just like her mommy.

Little Tikes Shopping Cart has very sturdy walls, which will ensure that all of your kid’s items will stay in the basket. The cart has a super cute fold-down seat for your toddler’s favorite toy or doll, so they can go grocery shopping together. Even if your little girl has only started walking, the cart will be stable enough for her to push it, as it isn’t easily tipped over. It is an overall great, imaginative toy, perfect for your kid’s make-believe grocery shopping with her friends and her favorite toys.

  • Can add sand to make the cart more stable
  • Hard to tip over
  • Can be used as a storage space
  • Very durable and sturdy

  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Wheels can come off from time to time

Step 2 Whisper Ride Pink

step 2 whisper ride pink car

Here’s something to make your strolls in the park even more of an adventure. Your little girl will be the center of attention in this adorable pink car while you push her around. And there’s another great thing about Step 2 Whisper Ride: no rattling noises in the background.

With its sturdy, yet girly design, your toddler will just love riding in this car and you can rest easy because she’ll be perfectly safe with the safety belt on. You can use it for a casual stroll down the street, or just fold the handle and pack it in your car for a relaxing getaway in the countryside. With spacious storage under the hood of the car and three cup holders, you can bring everything you need for a stroll: snacks, beverages, even a couple of diapers and a change of clothes. Undoubtedly, making that diaper bag lighter is something you’ll really appreciate.

  • Easy to fold handle
  • Easy to clean

  • Cup holders not functional for capless bottles
  • Steering wheel can break easily

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Brunette

manhattan toy baby stella photo

There are several proven reasons why your kid, whether it’s a boy or a girl, should play with a doll: it benefits the development of their social skills such as empathy and compassion, teaches them responsibility, and ignites their imagination as they create different scenarios while playing with it.

If you’re thinking about buying your toddler its first doll, Manhattan Toy Baby Stella should definitely be your first choice. This lovely doll is so soft and huggable, your kid won’t be letting go of her. All of the facial and bodily features are embroidered, so you don’t have to worry about any small parts falling off and getting into your toddler’s mouth. She comes with a soft onesie and cloth diaper which can easily be changed by your toddler, which benefits the development of her fine motor skills. She has a pacifier that attaches magnetically and toddlers absolutely love to play with it.

  • Can be washed in a gentle cycle
  • Soft and safe doll accessories

  • Fabric around the magnet may wear with use

VTech Little Apps Tablet Pink

vtech little apps tablet photo

So, it’s been a long day at work, you have to prepare dinner, but your toddler wants your attention. You don’t want to be the kind of parent which will just put her in front of the TV all the time to distract her, but then again, you need something to occupy her attention for a bit. That’s where VTech’s Little Apps Tablet comes into the equation. This educational tool will certainly mesmerize your toddler while teaching her about numbers, words, and letters.

Little Apps Tablet provides 12 learning activities suitable for kids from 2 to 5, so even if you buy it now, she will have something to learn and play with for years to come. It comes in a pretty pink color with a color-changing screen, keyboard and durable buttons that are easy to push. Learning with Little Apps will be easy and fun for your baby girl, simultaneously nurturing her curiosity and imagination.

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Volume control for parents
  • Sturdy and compact

  • Screen size could be bigger
  • Batteries included only for demo

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut

playhut boutique play tent for girls

Every princess needs her castle and every girl needs her beauty boutique. With its roomy design and bright pink and purple colors, Beauty Boutique Play Hut is a perfect place to pamper your little princess.  With three approachable ways to enter or exit the tent, she can pop in for a dress fitting behind the purple dressing room curtain, and get a quick preview of her look in the mirror before the fashion show with friends.

Being 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide, three girls can easily sit and play in it. Mesh doors and roof above the changing room provide good airflow so the games can last all day long. There’s also a window with a shelf where she can keep all her accessories, or talk to the passengers – whatever situation she imagines is possible.

  • Simple and quick set up
  • Durable and soft materials
  • Perfectly sized for dress-up games
  • Mylar mirror (nothing can break)

  • Carrying case not included

Playkidz My First Purse

playkidz my first purse photo

You’ll notice that your kid is starting to mimic the people she sees every day, even at just 2 years of age. For little girls, mom is most often at the top of the list – she feels a strong connection and likeness to her mom, sometimes even connecting her to the image of princesses from cartoons. It’s really adorable, but more than that, mimic and play-pretend is the way toddlers learn to interact at their earliest stages.

My First Purse is a perfect gift for a toddler girl who’s starting to rummage through mom’s purse. It will provide her with her own “grown-up” tote just like mom’s, complete with all the objects she loves tinkering with: a cell phone whose display can be used as a mirror, car remote, credit card, and lipstick. The purse is sealed by Velcro, so it will be easy for her to open and close. And that’s not all: the battery-powered cell phone and car remote light up and blink at the press of a button, which will surely intrigue your toddler.

  • Quality and nontoxic materials
  • Purse handles easy for a toddler to grasp
  • Interactive accessories provide sounds, melodies, emojis on the phone screen
  • Batteries included

  • Beeping noises from the remote car keys

How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Toddler Girl?

Toddlers express their curiosity by tinkering with their toys, at first examining them and eventually trying out different ways of playing. Their actions are unique to this phase of development and because their skill of communicating is just about to undergo amazing progress, you can’t quite understand what it is that they want yet. We rely on what we know about toddler development and behavior to choose toys that will delight them, as they can’t clearly express their preferences for the time being – but you can rest easy because their super expressive phase is just around the corner.

Look for toys that encourage active learning

The term “learning” spans over a really broad spectrum at this stage, because your toddler is really just discovering the world around her. She’s discovering what her hands and body can do, starting to recognize colors and shapes, discovering her senses, and experiencing the first stages of discerning materials. The more you provide for her to discover, the better. Sets of toys with numerous chunky parts for her to tinker with and feel with her hands encourage her to explore her senses and the relationships between objects.

toddler toys for learning

Anything colorful and responsive to her actions is beneficial to her development and sure to intrigue her. But there are also simpler toys, such as dolls, which can be a crucial part of her emotional development as she bonds with them and learns to take care of them. And don’t forget that this is an important phase for developing gross motor skills, so look for toys that encourage walking, balance, and hand-eye coordination as well.

Find toys that will last

A lot of toys for toddlers can still be played with in years to come, and you’ll find that these are the best ones. Children’s play changes and develops naturally with them, so you might find your little girl still playing with her favorite toy even 2 years later, only in a completely different way. If you find a toy that might seem too challenging for a toddler at first, it might be the perfect one – at first you can teach her and intrigue her to play with it in her own unique way, and later on, she’ll be able to follow the instructions as an “older kid”.

Criteria we used


Of course, maximum safety is an unquestionable standard for children’s toys, especially at this stage when their gross motor skills are at the primary developmental stages and they tend to put everything in their mouth. We made sure that all the listed toys were toddler-appropriate as specified by the manufacturer, and if there were any concerns regarding a potential choking hazard, we’ve noted them.


We can all agree, toddlers are not the nimblest of creatures. Their toys need to withstand a lot of wear-and-tear, so they can be free to use them however they wish, as dropping, pulling, and throwing are also an important part of growing through active play. That’s why sturdy, durable toys were our go-to.


As we’ve mentioned previously, a wide variety of toys is necessary to encourage active learning. Keeping in mind the key points of toddler development, we tried to include different toys that would cover the various stages of learning – from gross and fine motor skills to encouraging empathy and social development.


Some toddler toys are quite obnoxiously loud. What should I do when it gets overwhelming?

The numerous songs and melodies playing on repeat at high volume do get overwhelming for parents, and that’s only normal. You want to provide your kid with all the fun and engaging toys that fascinate her, and sounds are just a part of toddler fascination. But don’t feel bad – this is a very common concern for parents, and a compromise can be reached. If there is no sound to turn off, it’s okay to put the toy away for a couple of hours. Just make sure to do it gently and preferably at the same time each day so your child falls into a routine, which would slough away confusion. Also, be sure to offer her a different toy to intrigue her – most toddlers don’t get pushy at this point.

What should I do if a toy is frustrating my toddler?

Here’s an interesting thing about the toddler phase: as they just start discovering sequencing and order, children can get very particular and perfectionist about their toys. They want everything to fall into place normally, and an odd part that just doesn’t fit in a sequence can get very frustrating for them. Most toddler toys are designed with this in mind, but if you’re faced with a kit that carries a piece that’s particularly frustrating your toddler, it’s best to put it away for the time being. Slowly, you can teach her other ways of playing with it. Remember to teach your child patience by example.


When looking for the best toys for toddler girls, there’s one motto to follow: Through toys, we present the world to our children on the palms of their hands. They’re only discovering the world around them, and we can’t even comprehend the numerous processes that go on inside their heads each moment. What we can do is offer them variety to learn through play, and observe how they make use of the tools we’ve given them. Always be on the lookout for toys that cultivate your toddler’s curiosity and imagination – thankfully, there are many to choose from in this list alone. Enjoy the sight of your toddler playing, or better yet, get in on the fun.