Best Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys Reviewed in 2019

When it comes to 8 year old boys one thing’s for sure – they are becoming more competitive by the day. It feels like the whole world is a big obstacle course for them and they’re always looking for ways to beat others and be the best. To add to that, they’re becoming stronger, faster, and smarter by the day, and they are slowly growing out of their old clothes and their old toys too. If you’re looking for the best toys for 8 year old boys, you should focus on those that will allow them to display their strength, stamina, and creativity.

Best Toys for 8 Year Old Boy


lego star wars millenium photo

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon



wonder workshop dash robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop


sphero toy bb8

Special Edition BB-8 Sphero With Force Band


Fun & Outdoor

ripstik caster board photo

Ripstik Caster Board


Fun & Outdoor

gravity maze marble logic game

Think Fun Gravity Maze - Logic Game

Think Fun

Fun & Educational

Hasbro Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

hasbro nerf n-strike vest

While adults can experience the thrill of sneaking around and firing rifles by playing paintball, children can experience something similar with this special Tactical Vest. The vest allows the child to carry around enough Nerf ammo to beat his opponents on a Nerf playfield. It’s an excellent accessory in a role-play, and it will provide the child with the sense of security which will allow them to go out and explore their environment.  

The vest doesn’t come alone, it contains two sets of six Quick Reload darts and a dozen official Nerf Elite darts which the child can use with their regular Nerf gun. It fits a variety of sizes and it has a lot of storage space for everything – from flashlights to a compass. It folds well so you’ll be able to store it away in a drawer when the child isn’t using it.  

  • It’s adjustable and it fits snugly around the child
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Allows plenty of storage

  • Velcro straps can be a problem for smaller children as they can be difficult to master

Think Fun Gravity Maze - Logic Game

gravity maze marble logic game

If you were looking for a great STEM toy for 8 year olds, look no further – this amazing Gravity Maze will help your child develop important skills such as spatial reasoning and planning. It’s a perfect gift for children who like to build seeing as it comes with 60 different levels of difficulty.  the child can learn to master the game at their own pace and become great builders, constructors, even architects.

The toy has many levels, as it combines a classic marble game with building and STEM learning. The child will be able to build mazes which they will try to beat later on. It’s rewarding in many ways because the child will be proud if they beat the maze but also if they build a maze that’s very difficult to beat. This is an educational toy that will grow along with the child, and even the parents will find it challenging.  

  • Stimulates the mind
  • Encourages STEM learning
  • Difficulty progresses at a comfortable pace

  • The marble may move too fast and the game can end quickly

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

scientific explorer science kit disgusting

Parents know the struggle – kids often love disgusting things. They will crack jokes about butts and underwear and will brag about their smelly feet. Luckily, Disgusting Science kit is here to turn this fascination with disgusting things into something useful and educational.  

The kit allows children to learn interesting (and perhaps a bit disgusting) facts about their body, what grows on it, and what by-products it creates. This is science gone extreme and the kids just love that. They love the sincerity and the quirkiness of the kit, and through these traits, a spark of love for science, experimentation, and the facts is born in children. Not only do they get to learn about their body, but they also get to try out different experiments: they can grow mold and bacteria, make slimy snot as well as some fake blood.  

  • Teaches children to love their bodies
  • Encourages experiments and scientific approach
  • Fun and educational

  • Some of the experiments are rather complex so a parent’s assistance is advised

Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

nerf n strike target set

Target practice is very popular among children of all ages, and this target set is the best gift for 8 year old boys who want to test their precision and accuracy. When you buy this set, you will get everything that’s needed for target practice: not only do you get the target, but also the Firestrike blaster gun and ten suctioned cupped darts. With this, nothing will stop your boy from becoming a first-rate shooter

The set encourages children to create elaborate scenarios for imaginative role play and to become whoever they want to be: a lone space ranger, a soldier, an astronaut fighting against aliens…

Not only will the child’s aim and precision improve drastically, but so will their concentration and focus. The ammo is made of soft materials in case anyone gets shot at with the dart.

  • Made of soft materials
  • Sturdy and fun
  • Target has its own stand or it can be hanged on the door

  • After some usage, the darts won’t be able to stick as well as in the beginning

Osmo Genius Kit

We live in a time where children quickly learn how to operate tablets and smartphones, but parents still don’t want to let them spend too much time playing games and watching cartoons. Well, with Osmo Genius Kit, children will be able to use the tablet to learn something new and improve their existing skills. Parents will be glad to know that children won’t even have to touch the screen in order to use the kit.

This is both an educational and a tech toy that allows children to learn at their own pace. They can practice reading, drawing, writing, and math at the pace that suits them and they soon understand that learning isn’t scary. The best thing about the kit is that it allows children to focus on one problem at the time and not be distracted by different tasks.

  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Suitable for a wide age range
  • Fun and educational

  • Not compatible with Android platforms

Ripstik Caster Board

ripstik caster board photo

There are many self-balancing scooters on the market, but this caster board is a lovely toy that’s going to help them fine-tune their balance and coordination skills in a fun way. The board mimics the movements of a snowboard but luckily doesn’t require snow in order to work. In a way, it’s a perfect combination of surfing and snowboarding but on land, and it’s going to do wonders for the child’s strength and coordination.  

Because the deck has 360-degree inclined casters and pivoting points, the board moves in a unique way and allows the person riding it to practice a variety of movements. It’s a bit tricky to master it at first, but the more the child practices, the better they will get, but what’s even more important – they will become more confident in their own skills and abilities.  

  • Decks are slip-resistant
  • Resembles surfing and snowboarding
  • Innovative twisting design

  • Requires a lot of room so it’s best if it’s used outside or in a large room

Djubi Classic

djubi classic toy

A wonderful outdoor toy that adds a new twist to an old game of catch, Djubi will make kids fall in love with it in a matter of minutes. A sleek combination of a slingshot and a catcher’s glove, this toy will make children stay outside and play for hours.

There are two racquets in a set and each of them has a launching hook that’s able to slingshot the ball for dozens of feet as well as a sturdy net which makes it catching the launched ball much easier.  

Even if the child has a problem using the toy at first, the sling and the net will make throwing and catching easier, and after a while, their aim and hand-eye coordination will be so much better, that they’ll be able to aim the ball precisely and predict where it will land.  

  • Promotes coordination and physical activity
  • Great for kids as well as adults

  • Elastics inside the ball can come out if handled roughly

Special Edition BB-8 Sphero With Force Band

sphero toy bb8

There is something about robs that mesmerizes children – they love playing with them and pretending they’re in the future. Another thing children adore is the Star Wars franchise and the adorable BB-8 robot. This is the reason why this is the best gift for 8 year olds – it’s a perfect combination of the things they love.

Even though this BB-8 looks battle-worn and old, the plastic is brand new and of high quality, which means it will withstand many more ‘missions’, all you need to do is charge it and download the app.   

It has wireless charging, and once charged and sent on a mission, BB-8 will roam around the room and explore on its own. The downside is that the robot doesn’t play any sounds on its own, but rather the sounds are played on your smartphone.  

  • Apps compatible with both iOS and Andriod
  • Cute and sturdy

  • Can respond to 10 voice commands only
  • Doesn’t play any sounds on its own

Stomp Rocket Launcher

stomp rocket dueling photo

Parents who have more children are familiar with the daunting task of preventing fights and defusing tension when their children want to play with the same toy. This is where Stomp Rocket Launcher steps in and saves the day. Two children can use the toy at the same time and they can even organize a small competition to see who can launch the rocket the farthest.  

The base of the rocket launcher is very sturdy and stays together even after you fire several rounds of missiles. This is a great outdoor toy for children aged 8 and under and it will help develop their gross motor skills. Even though the rockets are sturdy, they are also soft which means that there won’t be any injuries even if they accidentally hit someone on the head.

  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • More children can use it at the same time
  • 2 additional rockets included

  • The rockets can’t be tilted and can only go straight up

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

wonder workshop dash robot

Everybody knows that STEM toys are highly popular, and for good reason: they teach children about technology and spark interest in the things they will be using so often as they age. This charming little robot is the perfect tech toy for boys because it introduces coding and programming in a way that’s fun and easy for them to understand.  

Even though this is a bot toy that requires an app in order to work, parents won’t have to do pretty much anything because Dash is super kid-friendly. Parents will also love the fact that the voices Dash uses aren’t too loud or annoying, so the children will be able to play with it for a long time. The apps are updated on a regular basis so there is always a new coding skill to try out and learn.

  • Sparks interest in robotics and engineering
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Kindle Fire

  • Rather pricey
  • There may be some battery problems after several months of use
  • Takes a while to update

Marky Sparky Blast Pad

marky sparky blast pad launcher

If you’re looking for a way to get your 8 year old boy to spend more time outside, you can try getting him a Blast Pad. It’s a wonderful outdoor toy designed to encourage children to be more active and develop their strength, and parents will love the fact that all the parts can be stored neatly after the children have finished playing.  

Because there is a special place where you should stop on in order to launch the rockets, the child will develop not only strength but also coordination and precision after playing with it for a while. That being said, this is also a good toy for more than one person. Very soon you will notice boys and girls alike stomping on the pad and trying to be the ones who will launch the missile the farthest.  

  • Durable, can withstand kids jumping on it
  • Easy to store away
  • Promotes physical activity

  • The plastic can fade and crack if left in the sun for too long   

Prepared Microscope Slides By AmScope

amscope ps25 microscope slide set

We believe that any science-lover, regardless of their age, loves their microscope. Microscopes are great for encouraging the love of science and biology, but even the most dedicated child will get bored if they have nothing interesting to look at through their microscopes. This is where this wonderful gift steps in – the set contains 25 slides with different samples.

There are plants, insects, and animal tissue present, and the child will love putting them under the scope and studying them.

This is a useful and educational toy that’s designed to spark child’s interest in the world and to encourage him to go out and collect samples on his own. The downside is – you have to have a microscope in order to see the samples clearly because holding them up against the light won’t be enough.      

  • Encourages interest in science and biology
  • Highly educational
  • Neatly labeled and stored

  • Sides of slides can be sharp and since they’re made of glass should be handled with great care

Perplexus Epic

perplexus epic

Who says that crystal balls are for divination only? This fun crystal ball contains a perplexing maze within and it’s bound to make 8 year old boys fall in love with it. It’s simple enough: the task is to get the small metal ball to the target, but in order to do that you need to figure out how to get past complex mazes, obstacles, and traps.  

The main challenge isn’t just to get the ball to the target but to keep it on the marked path. If the ball falls off you have to twist and turn the ball in order to get it back. As simple as it may look, it’s a stimulating toy that helps develop a child’s problem-solving skills and encourages them to develop different strategies so they can overcome obstacles easily.  

  • Easily portable
  • Helps develop problem-solving skills
  • Encourages strategy development

  • Ball can get stuck from time to time which can be frustrating

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

mellisa and doug suspend family game

A lovely rainy day game that can be played in the comfort of your living room, Suspended Game is perfect for the whole family. It’s an exciting game that’s going to keep everyone at the edge of their seats while trying to balance rubber tipped wires on the stand.

The best thing about this game is that the child can play it alone, or they can invite others to join them, and it can be a quiet activity too. Children can compete to see who can last the longest in the game and have fun while spending time together. It’s a good game to practice balance and fine motor skills while still learning about physics and in a fun way. Their spatial intelligence will also be significantly improved along with their hand-eye coordination, and they will get better with time.  

  • Simple to understand
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Mind-challenging

  • Needs a completely still and flat surface to be played

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

lego star wars millenium photo

It’s an open secret that children of all ages love Star Wars, lightsabers, spaceships, and intergalactic wars, but as they get older, children can enjoy playing with more complex toys depicting heroes and items from their favorite franchise.  

This is a wonderful addition to a building block collection of any 8 year old boy, and even though the set consists of over a thousand of pieces, the detailed instructions that come with the set will help them wrestle the Millennium Falcon and come out as winners. Their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills will be significantly improved with the set, and even if it looks like too much of a challenge for them alone, parents can join in and help them put it together.        

  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Great parent-child bonding activity   

  • It’s very pricey
  • It’s hard to open and close hatch doors

How to Choose the Most Popular Toys for 8 Year Old Boy?

No two boys are alike, but there are some things most 8 year old boys have in common – their budding curiosity and their competitiveness. In order to find the toys they will find interesting and love playing with, you need to know their interests and what they like.  

Keep an open mind and try to honor their wishes; remember that some boys like animals, others like superheroes, there are boys who like Disney princesses and others who are in love with cars and engines. Get to know them and choose the perfect toy based on their hobbies and passions. Only then will you be sure that you got them the best toys as a present and that they will love playing with them.   

The toys can include items the boys can use for role plays: they love developing complex scenarios and sets of rules for their role play games and they will love anything that helps them get into the character better. They can act out scenes from cartoons, pretend they’re superheroes and go on elaborate and ‘dangerous’ adventures alone or with a friend, and spend hours pretending the pieces of furniture are actually villains.  

They can also hold long conversations with adult and start asking some profound questions. The toys and activities they are occupied with should expand their vocabulary and strengthen their existing communication skills. Their toys and gifts should be as descriptive as possible so they can further improve their language and use a lot of words from their vocabularies when they describe and compare different toys.  

This is also the time when older people start asking children what they want to be when they grow up and based on their answers you can find the best gifts to give them. As mentioned before, it’s important to listen to them and pay attention to the things they like or dislike.  

Criteria we used

Boys spend more time testing their limits and trying to see what else are they capable of. This is also the time when boys are maturing both physically and emotionally so we focused a lot on toys that aid these developments.


Parents know how capable, strong, and agile their 8 year old boys are, but they are still growing and developing, which means they need toys and games that are going to challenge the skills they now possess. They need new challenges and they will play with certain toys without realizing that their mind is becoming sharper, their wit quicker, and their muscles stronger, but parents will notice these things and know how important it is to constantly learn and improve one’s set of skills.  


A number of the toys for 8 year boys on our list are the ones that are going to let them explore the world. They are curious and eager to learn, although not always in the ‘traditional’ way. Going outside and being active is a big thing for them because it stimulates their body and mind alike, and when they play with toys that allow them to be explorers, they will develop their physical and mental abilities in a fun way. They will be able to form their opinion of the world based on their own experience, and it is a skill that will help them a great deal in the future.  

Encourage socializing

Boys and girls are competitive, some more than the others, but all of them like playing games with their friends and occasionally compete with them. They want to see who is faster, who is a better shooter, who is more imaginative, and who can draw better. These are all harmless activities when done among friends, and a little bit of competitiveness can spice up a game that would otherwise bore them soon.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the latest versions and models of toys?

You’d be surprised to discover how difficult it is to determine whether the toy you want to buy is the latest model on the market. This is especially the case when it comes to tech toys as some top selling toys because parents want to make sure they have the latest version of the toy. The simplest way is to contact the manufacturer directly and ask them. They will reply and tell you what to look for in the latest toys and how to recognize the latest models.  

How do I know what age group is the toy designed for?

When manufacturers create a new toy, they market it to a specific age group because that is the age group the toy is meant for. Not only is it safe for children of that age to use it, but the toy s designed with their physical and mental capabilities in mind. Each toy on the market should have a label that says what age group it’s meant for, but you can also visit the manufacturer’s website and find the information there.  

Are there toys that ‘grow’ with the boys?

A great number of toys for boys these days are marketed and made for a wide age range which makes them perfect gifts for boys aged 8 but also older. Wider age range means that boys will be able to play with the toys for a long time. Some toys give a chance to offer challenge levels or target different skills that can be refined.  

How do I encourage healthy competitiveness?

Don’t be mistaken, 8 year old boys can be as competitive as professional sports players, but it can often be toxic for them and their relationships. Encourage them to focus on having fun and spending time with friends rather than on the outcome of their little competitions.  


Choosing the best toys for 8 year old boys isn’t an easy thing because they want to have fun but they should also develop their newfound skills and strengths too. By giving them the right toys you will ensure that they’re growing up into healthy and happy boys, but remember that showering them with toys won’t do much if they have no one to play with. Be there for them and encourage them to meet other children and make new friends. This way they will have someone to share their favorite toys with and compete against but it will also help them form lasting friendships.