Best Kids Drum Set from Baby to Junior for 2019

Having a talented kid is definitely something to be proud of. Finding out for the first time that your child is interested in expressing their creativity through musical instruments must have been one of the most profound experiences for you as a parent. But even the most talented artists and musicians throughout history didn’t rely solely on their talent to succeed.

Instead, they invested thousands of hours into the process of repetition, before they became famous. So, if you want your child to go in that direction, the first step is to procure the right instruments. And if your kid is interested in playing drums, the least you can do is get them the best drum set possible. Luckily you’re on the right place to find the ideal drum set for your junior musician.

Top Baby Drumsets

VTech Baby Beats Monkey

VTech Baby Beats Monkey Drum is easily one of the best toy drum set for your baby. Once they get their tiny hands on this toy they’ll won’t be so easily distracted with their surroundings anymore.

The toy was designed to be used by infants as young as 3 months old. It consists of three main parts- a large interactable drum, an animated monkey, and three flashing buttons that produce animal sounds. Your baby will learn action & reaction as well as a couple of familiar animal sounds, practice motor and cognitive skills and much more. The toy features a learning mode as well. This means that besides play time your baby will also enjoy in learning sessions with this remarkable toy.

  • Easy to use
  • Isn’t overly expensive for a toy of this sort
  • Has three separate mods which add to its complexity, increasing value in some aspects
  • Small and easy to transport

  • The sound will lose quality over time as battery becomes depleted

Bright Stars Safari Beats

Brights Stars Safari Beats I yet another drums toy for your loved one that will entertain him or her for hours. It allows infants to enjoy listening to quality animal, baby, and sound effect sounds.

The toy consists of a handle that allows you to carry it with ease wherever you and your baby go, and a three button/drum part. The toy itself has 2 modes. One is a mode in which the toy, when interacted with, plays fun and silly sounds, and the other is a drum mode in which your baby can learn how to interact with it to produce pleasing drum sounds.

  • Easy to transport
  • Unique design makes it extremely durable
  • Rich in color diversity
  • Easy to clean

  • Overly simplified
  • Tends to break more often than other toys of this sort

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap & Teach Drum

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Tap & Teach Drum isn’t the most colorful or flashy drum toy, but it resembles a drum kit more than other toys in this class. It’s shaped like the real drum and on top of that drumhead feels almost like the real thing. This amazing baby toy has two modes in which the baby can either interact with it.

Learn how to count to ten and recognize colors, or enjoy listening to mesmerizing sounds that it can play for hours.

One of the things that separates this toy from all other of this sort is a baby rattle/drumstick that can be used to play the drum toy. It’s a great way for the baby to start learning how to use the sticks naturally. And who knows, maybe this is exactly how they develop their own style while playing this cute drum kit toy.

  • Includes a drumstick/rattle
  • Extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Features a counting to ten lesson mode
  • Small and easy to transport

  • Sound quality seems to diminish faster than on other toys

Best Toddler Drum Sets

B. Toys by Battat B. Drumroll Toy Drumset

Drum Set for 1 year old battat drumroll toy drums

B. Toys by Battat B. Drumroll Toy Drumset is a great gift choice for your child if he can’t decide which musical instrument is his favorite. This amazing drum set contains not one, but seven toy musical instruments and each one is unique and extremely entertaining.

It consists of a container with a lid that acts as a drum, a pair of colorful drumsticks, a “shaka-shaka” egg, tambourine, rather strange but functionally wise accurate castanets, and a whistle.
This way your kid will have multiple instruments at his disposal to express his musical creativity. The best thing about this particular toy is that your one-year-old can hang the set on their front side and play with it wherever he is.

  • An ingenious design that allows storing of all the toys inside
  • Has a set of seven items all of which act as toys
  • Easily transported anywhere, anytime
  • Due to a variety of toys that it includes it will be virtually impossible for your kid to get bored with it

  • A bit overpriced

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Drum Set for 2 Year Old

vtech kidibeats drums set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is everything that your drum-loving two-year-old child can ever ask for. It’s the ultimate drum set for a number of reasons, first being that it has three individual drums which can be played simultaneously. Secondly, is has four different modes to play on. Each one is surprisingly entertaining and helps your kid to develop motor skills, as well as every alphabet letter and counting to thirty. And lastly, it requires only two AA batteries to work.

Next to all these different mods this cleverly designed toy set can play music on its own. So if your two-year-old drummer wants to take a break from directly interacting with it, now it can relax with music playing in the background.

  • Relatively affordable toy of that potential
  • Has four modes
  • Drains battery power at an acceptable rate

  • Malfunction of random drumhead might occur over time of use
  • Sound triggering tends to become a delayed reaction

Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Drum Set

Drum Set for 3 Year Old

best choice production kids electronic drum set

This one is the best drum set present that you can get for your 2-year-old boy or girl. If you’ve noticed their interests for playing drums, now’s the time to support their aspirations. It is designed to allow your kid to play drums just like on the actual set. It consists of a bass drum and a pedal, a cymbal, it has two snare drums, a pair of drumsticks and a working microphone.

Next to that, a drummer’s chair is also included in the package. This way your baby can really enjoy playing drums, listening to funny sounds, or practicing their karaoke skills. The toy itself doesn’t look like it offers much, but you’ll be surprised with its features once you turn it on.

Regarding its functionality, it has five buttons that modify the music in the background. The melodies vary from downtempo to funky to fast-paced beats. Also, there are four different buttons that light up and change the sound effect of the drum as you press them.

  • Has three different types of drums to play with
  • The volume knob allows lowering

  • Side drums are easily damaged
  • Lacks stability

Top Rated Junior Drum Set

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

Drum Set for 4 Year Old

gammon junior starter drum kit

Gammon 5-piece junior drum set is the real deal. It’s the perfect starter kit for your little drummer. At the age of 4 your little musician will want a decent drum kit to express his musical creativity on. They won’t be easily impressed with presents and toys. So you can’t buy them just about any toy and expect that they’ll love it. Luckily for you, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This will be the first real drum kit for your aspiring musician. It has two tom-tom’s, a snare drum, floored tom, crash cymbal and hi-hat cymbals. Next to this it’s also equipped with hardware and a bass pedal. This way your kid will have everything to start their junior drumming career.

  • Great bass-drum sound quality
  • Easy to dismantle, therefore can be quite mobile
  • Has adjustable stool rather than one with fixed height

  • Snares and cymbals aren’t of greatest quality
  • Reported complaints about hardware

Spectrum Jr Drum Set

Drum Set for 5 Year Old

spectrum ail junior drum set

Spectrum has a variety of drums set models but only a few of them will interest your 5-year-old child. Before you start spending money on low quality, expensive drums, why not try Spectrum Jr Drum Set AIL620B?

It’s the perfect solution for your ideal gift for 5 year old. You’ll love the fact that it’s a one-piece set. Meaning, that you won’t have to dismantle it completely every time you want to move it to another room. With a quality bass drum and a pair of supporting tom-tom drums and a cymbal standing on one frame, this product has everything that your junior drummer needs.

  • Quality drum and cymbal sound
  • Easy to transport
  • All drums are connected together

  • Hard to find spare parts

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set

Drum Set for 6 Year Old

mendini by cecilio junior drum set

If he’s been practicing on toy drums, at the age of 6 your kid will already have a pretty decent drum skills. Therefore, he’ll want drums that matches his skill set. Mendini by Cecilo Drum Set might just be what he’s looking for. Your junior drummer will master the basics and immediately develop a need to learn the advanced drumming lessons with this amazing drum set.

As with any serious junior drum kit, this one has one bass drum, two high tom-tom drums, a snare, a low tom-tom, and two cymbals. To top it all it also has an adjustable stool. The only problem is that this particular product isn’t recommended for kids below 2.5 ft. It’s that they aren’t usable for kids below that height, but that they’ll feel uncomfortable playing with drums above their recommended height.

  • Great sound, extremely durable
  • Cymbal height can be adjusted
  • Light and easy to transport anywhere anytime

  • Minimum height recommendation

GP Percussion Junior Drum Set

Drum Set for 7 Year Old

gp percussion junior drum set

With the same drum setup as Mendini’s, the GP Percussion 5-piece brings even more quality to the sound of drums, snares, cymbals and bass drums. It’s one of the best and most affordable started drum kits. You’ll be surprised to see how well your kid has progressed using this particular set.

The product comes either in high gloss black or blue. It looks classy no matter where you place it. The shells are made from real wood, rather than plastic, and a durable metal hardware really increases the quality of the sound.  GP Percussion 5-piece Junior Drum set includes four drums, a bass drum with pedal, throne, cymbals, drum key and drumsticks. So as you can notice it has everything ready for your prodigy child to start making magic.

  • Easy for set up
  • Quality sound on all 5 drum pieces
  • Impressive design

  • Relatively high cost

Ludwig Junior Drum Set

Drum Set for 8 Year Old

ludwig junior drum set with cymbals

Now here is a popular choice of junior drummers that already know the difference of sound in these and similar low budget drum kits. Ludwig Junior Drum Set has the best drum sound quality for this price.

When it comes to delivering solid, quality drum sounds this set will deliver with each kick of a snare, bass drum, or cymbal. The package comes with all the hardware that you need to push your kid’s drumming career in the right direction. It might be a bit challenging to assemble all the parts and put them together, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to do it almost blindfolded.

  • Outstanding bass drum sound quality
  • Pretty stable considering the weight
  • Adjustable cymbal height

  • Challenging assembly

Ludwig Questlove Drums

Drum Set for 9 Year Old

ludwig questlove drum kit

Ludwig Questdrum Drums is set designed by a famous musician. But that little detail didn’t affect the price. You’ll find that it’s pretty affordable for a drum kit of this quality.

You kid will love the way it sounds, the fact that it’s pretty much lightweight and therefore easy for transport. Next to all that, its design makes it fit in anywhere as it only requires a 5’’ x 3.5’’ area to place it.

It’s great for beginner drummers, as well as performing on small gigs. The only problem is that the package doesn’t include hardware, nor food pedals. This means that you’ll have to buy additional hardware to complete the kit for your youngling.

  • Sounds good in all ranges, from Bebop to punchy low
  • It’s one of the lightest drum kits on the market
  • Small but durable

  • No hardware included
  • Comes without pedal and stool

Electronic Drum Set PAXCESS

Drum Set for 10 Year Old

paxcess electronic drum set

At the age of ten, you kid should know something about a responsibility of having a semi-pro drum kit. If so, you’ll be able to buy them an electronic drum set such as this one. The PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set has the quality of a standard acoustic kid’s drum set, but it doesn’t take that much space and can be played virtually anywhere.

With its neat design that includes seven different drums, it is one of the bestselling electric drums for junior drummers. It comprises of one snare, 3 toms, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat, 2 foot pedals, and a high-quality rechargeable battery. After seeing this set, your kid won’t be interested in playing the drums on any other set. It has a couple of learning programs through which your kid can learn the basics of following tempos, rhythm and practice their timing.

  • Great for beginners
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to store and install

  • Complicated for setting it up

Things to Know Before Choosing a Drum Set for Kids

As you might’ve noticed, there are a lot of things to consider before you decide to buy a particular drum set for your kid. Starting from the basic things like the type, how many instruments should it have, recommended age group, height, and other preferences, you’ll need to really think it through before you’re ready to make the purchase.

And this can be quite burdening, especially when you already have a lot on your mind. So let’s list everything that you need to know about buying a decent drum set for your favorite musician.

General Tips

Depending on your kid’s age, drumming skills and height you can limit your search on a couple of hundreds. And that isn’t a good number to start looking for an ideal gift for your musically gifted child. So naturally, you’ll need to think about the specifics regarding hardware quality, drum weight, size, bulkiness, sound quality, durability, etc.

The most important thing is knowing what your kid needs. You can buy the best drums available on the market and still find that they aren’t for your kid because the bass drum pedal is too large, or due to limited expansion of the frame holding the cymbals, etc. Also when buying, be sure to get it from a verified store, whether online or a physical one. There are a lot of scammers out there that will try to sell you low-quality instruments while you’re under the impression that you’re buying original product.


electric drums for kidsThere are several types of drum sets and if you want to pick the one that your kid needs you’ll need to know their use. If you’ve been buying classic toy drums for your kid since he was a baby, chances are that they’ve developed a taste in playing acoustic drums.

The second ones are standard that include a bass drum, one or two cymbals, a couple of tom-toms, and a snare drum, and there are fusion drum kits that are basically a customized drum set for advanced drummers. If you know which music genre you kid is into then you’ll have no problems whatsoever picking the right product for them. Each drum set is unique, the drum heads vary in size and shape. A classic rock set includes a 22’’ bass drum, 12’’ quick toms, 14’’ snare toms, etc.

And lastly there are electric ones which are a lot more complex than their acoustic relatives. The difference in price is huge, but they have their benefits as well. You’ll be able to adjust manually the sound of each drum, as well as use effects and much more. The only question is whether or not your kid is interested in playing on such instruments. As you can notice every little detail matters. Check the specs in your “favorites” list to avoid making a mistake of buying the wrong drum set for your favorite little musician.

Sound and Overall Quality

The quality of sound that the instrument is making is extremely important for a drummer. The brand of the drum set usually implies whether they’re made out of quality material or a low budget one. Mapex Drums, Yamaha, Pearl, Ludwig, Tama, all of these companies produce top-quality drums. Although their products aren’t the cheapest on the market, at least you’ll know where you’ve spent you money.

As a parent you want only the best for your kid. So if you’re planning on investing in their music career you might as well get them a quality product. You’ll actually save money as quality drums tend to break less than cheaper ones. They are made to last, but more importantly to produce quality sound. Nest to that, with low-budget drum sets, you’ll constantly have to buy spare parts and additional hardware due to constant malfunction.

Price range

Now that you know which drum sets to focus on you should take the price range into consideration. If you want a decent beginner’s set you shouldn’t go shopping without 600$ in your pocket. Anything worth less than that will sound like a toy drum kit when played on, and you wouldn’t want that would you?

The price range goes from $600 to $1000, but if you want to try and save money, you should try assembling a custom drum set for you kid. Yes, it’s a bit more complex than walking into a store and buying a complete set, but at least you’ll get a fully customized product for your child. And they’ll definitely appreciate that. There is a reason why these beginner’s drum sets cost this much. It’s because they are really worth the money as your child will play on them for years without having to change a single part.

Customization and Adjustment

If you’re planning to buy a drum set for your 12-year-old son for example, you’ll need to think about customization and adjustment. Remember that your kid is growing constantly, both mentally and psychically, so they won’t be able to play on a drums that can’t be adjusted for more than a year or two.

The desired product must be able to adapt to your kid’s drumming style, height, and individual taste. This implies that it should have adjustable frames, spare parts, expandable drum heads, straps, etc. This way they can adjust the height of bass drums, cymbals, high-toms, low-toms, or any other piece themselves. Once they’ve grown over one size, they can adjust the drum set to use it properly.

Without knowing about the specifics of the desired drum set, their price range, quality, and potential, you’ll only end up spending money on low-quality musical instruments that are in constant need of maintenance.

Important Things to Look Out For

You should be pretty careful when buying drums for your kid that will last them for years to come. There are all sorts of details to pay attention to, as you might’ve read in the section above, but that’s not all. Next to the above-mentioned things to consider when buying there are also things to look out for.

For example, when purchasing a decent drum set make sure that the pieces are compatible with the spare parts that come with the package. There were many complains about missing spare parts, or parts that simply won’t fit, from customers and you should learn from their mistakes.

Once you get your drum set home, make sure to count all of the items that are included. Check the item list among the paperwork that you got, and double check each one. The store in which you’ve bought them won’t accept your complains if you call them months after buying the drum set.

choosing the best drum set for kids

Also, make sure that the product number matches the one on your warranty. If the numbers don’t match up, you won’t be able to send it back to them for a refund or get missing parts. Therefore before you unpack your drum set, and surprise your kid, be sure that the content of the box matches the list of items that you got with it.

There is no shame in being careful, especially when it comes to these things. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your kid by having to return a drum set that they already love because you didn’t check the contents, parts, and pieces in the box. You have your customer’s rights to demand that which the company selling the product guarantees. So don’t be shy, and call your store if you have any questions about the product.

Drumming Benefits for Baby and Kids

Kids are like sponges. They absorb information at an incredible rate, and you should be there to teach them and explain everything they want to know. If your kid develops an interest in playing a musical instrument such as drums, you should support them for a number of reasons.

By playing drums they’ll develop motor skills at a young age, and they’ll be able to progress faster. Drums are a unique musical instrument. They require a sense of rhythm, timing, and creativity to produce a beautiful sound and your kid will develop all of them by just playing and practicing drums.

Your child will also develop cognitive functions much faster than their siblings or kids that don’t play instruments. They’ll be able to express their emotions and ideas through music and this might be the biggest benefit of playing drums. The basics are easy to master, and once there, your child will be able to develop their own style.

boy listening to music

Having to follow two different tempos, and play them with pinpoint accuracy, your kid will train their brain to perform complex actions while young.

Drums are also quite beneficial to developing social skills, so if you choose to get a drum set for your kid chances are they’ll be a friendly type as well.  


No matter which drum set model you get for your youngling, you can rest a assured that you’ve done enough to push them in the right direction towards self-development. As he or she grows, they’ll acquire a more profound music taste so they will know which drum set interests them the most. But no matter how successful they become, they’ll always remember the baby drum toys that you got them on which they started practicing their favorite instrument. Those toy drums inspired them to grow and upgrade their music skills.