Stretch your wings - it's time to make our migration North for Fashion Week shenanigans! While in Charleston this past weekend, I strolled into Shoes on King, which is one of those great old-fashioned shoe salons that are still peppered throughout the SouthEast. I'm very fond of them - maybe it is a sentimental thing as I worked for one in undergrad. Regardless, there waiting for me on the shelf having just arrived were these Elizabeth and James joints - a classic silo with an updated heel, perfect for slamming the streets of the Apple, and the only pump I'll need since my travel mantra is "light and tight" (that means carry-on only) and my style as usual very simple - paired with a good coat, some jeans, a button-down or two, and a few well-traveled accessories. A monogrammed oxblood phone case from Gigi NY, my favorite pen, and a Dior compact plus the new Armani shade "Rouge Ecstasy" to swipe on between outings, and I'm set. I cannot wait to see my Manhattan-dwelling friends... I miss them every time I leave. Perhaps it's why I go back so much! Someone remind me to sit still one of these days.


britta said...

is that a Caran D'Ache pen?
I stocked up on them in a stationary store in Chicago.

Julie said...

Love the shoes. Great items indeed.

Jessica Graves said...

@britta - yes it is! Sid/Ann Mashburn here in Atlanta has a great selection of the flouro ones


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