It would seem the overriding themes of The Love List are as follows: style (or fashion curmudgeony, rather), drinking, music, and my social life. So I thought it would be fun today to break it up a bit and talk beauty - some of my favorite products and little tips I've picked up here and there. Today, let's chat hair, scent, and a little first-aid: 

Confession: I don't wash my hair very much. Maybe once or twice a week. It's wavy and fine, so the more texture and body it has, the more control I have, and the better it looks. A blowout can last me four or five days with good dry shampoo (I like Batiste's "Deep Brown" formula, which is great for brunettes - many of the white, powdery formulas make my hair color look dull.) After a shower, I usually just tame wet hair with a wide-tooth comb (my favorite is Mason Pearson), blow dry, flat iron, and then run through the routine below. When I don't feel like doing things myself, I'm a big fan of the Buckhead drybar.

To tame my waves, I use a a spare amount of three products on dry hair and emulsify them together in my hands: 1. Bumble & Bumble's Brilliantine, which falls somewhere between a pomade and a serum and provides just enough hold. I mix that in my hand with their 2. Defrizz serum for shine. Then I'll apply a healthy dose of 3. pure Argan oil and twist my hair up in a loose bun atop my head, securing it with one bobby pin before bed. All of these products I apply from mid-strand to tip, never at the scalp. 

I don't worry if my hair looks wet or greasy afterward, I know it will dry in the bun overnight. I just comb out the waves a bit with my fingers in the morning, spritz a little dry shampoo at the roots, and off I go. If my curls need a little extra "oomph", I'll spritz in evo's salty dog spray, which is amazing for texture (thanks Max for turning me onto this!)

I have a picky nose - strong perfumes that you can smell coming aren't my thing. Also not my thing: wearing a scent everyone else already is. So, I mix! Scent is so personal and preferential that it doesn't make any sense for me to delve into the particulars of what I wear - but my favorite lines to mix are Tocca and Jo Malone. Often I'll start with Tocca's yummy body lotion, which I pick up at my favorite local bath shop, Ona, and layer that with an alternate Tocca scent. Later on in the day or evening, I might douse myself with a spritz from one of my Jo Malone bottles - no matter what, the smell is singularly mine, and I love that. For years I swore by Fresh Sugar Lemon as a base scent no matter what else I wore with it, but I guess my nose has changed, because now it smells like bathroom cleanser on me! 

I am super accident-prone. I trip, fall, bruise, bump... you name it. On top of which I'm a huge tomboy so my preferred forms of exercise usually involve being outside - pickup soccer, tennis, gardening, rough-housing with the dog, hiking... so naturally I am always a little bit banged up. My poor cuticles are always suffering, so between manicures I really like Tata Harper's Repleneshing Nutrient Complex - I roll a little of this magical oil onto my skin and it heals them right up! The sweet Tata also left a note to remind me it is wonderful for under your eyes at night! 

I don't sleep well. It has always been a thing for me - so to further fight dark circles, I dab on a little Sisley eye cream at night - I keep it in the fridge (I also do this with my makeup wipes) and it feels amazing to dab on! My Sisley girl gave me a great tip regarding eye cream - she told me many of her customers also dab a bit around the edge of their lips to prevent fine lines. 

Yes, of course I wear sunscreen, but I have olive skin and tan very easily, so often I wear a little tanning oil atop that (I know, I know...) - I like Island Company's Local tanning oil. And for all those bumps and bruises? I don't question the classics. Good old Vermont Bag Balm might wield a strong scent, but nothing heals up my scrapes (and razor burn...) faster. It's also amazing for chapped lips. 


The Harris Family said...

I really like this post fascinating!!

Sarah O'Brien said...

love the contents in your cabinet :)


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