When a thing officially becomes a "thing", don't you think that "thing" sometimes becomes a bit overplayed? Or the "thing" starts out originally represented by a very small sect, but then permeates, then oversaturates into the greater cultural consciousness? Then we just get sick of it, right? 

But there is a defining moment for those "things"; one where, after the surge dies down, the fledgling loyalists (the ones who rocked that thing in the first place) are left standing, still shod in said thing long after Kanye and Aziz have tossed them to the back of their closets. That die-down after the surge, my friends, is what defines a classic, and when it comes to a classic, a staple... I can't think of much that's more reliable than a pair of Stubbs & Wootton slippers. Whether you're a great collector or you only have a pair or two, they endure in your closet for years to come, never go out of style, and look even better with tatter and wear. I've mentioned before I can't wait for mine to get banged up and shredded, and y'all know I love the fabulous "fuck you" a needlepoint whatnot with a crazy motif throws off.

At Max's birthday weekend before last, four of us found ourselves sporting slippers... non-ironically. So there's that. I'm sure there's a one-liner here regarding preppy overkill, it just hasn't come to me yet.

Whatevs, I ain't ashamed.

But thanks, Aziz, for coining the term "velvet slippies." That still makes me happy. #treatyoself


Ashley said...

I would love to add a pair to my closet. I love their timeless and chic designs!


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