They always make fun of me at Holeman & Finch because they say I drink like a man. Aside from the fact that I primarily stick to gin, scotch, and bourbon, they know I do not like to imbibe things that are sweet or brightly colored, come in a silly glass, or have arbitrary bullshit in them like fruit or tiny umbrellas. The first time I met Jason Rager, I sat down at the bar, assumed he knew what he was doing, shrugged and said "I like gin." "Me too" he replied. In the immortal words of Humprey Bogart, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Going on that Casablanca-centric thought, of all the gin joints in all the cities in all the world, I'm glad I walked into Holeman. Since that day, I've spent many an evening reveling with the James Beard-nominated bar team and any friend I can bring along for the ride.

For the next few weeks, Jason will be contributing his thoughts and recipes with cocktails he's created just for The Love List. We thought it would be cool if central to all his concoctions was a spirit or cordial made in the South, so it's only appropriate we kick things off with an American Spirit Whiskey drink called the Dixie Pomander. ASW is a labor of love from Charlie and Jim, who reside here in Atlanta and have effectively gotten me and many of my friends oh so very drunk partying with the likes of Billy Reid and Ledbury. 

On the cocktail's name, Jason says "My mom is from Charleston, and whenever we would go visit my Grandmama, we would make pomanders  - those oranges stuffed with cloves you see sometimes during the holidays. This cocktail has the exact same nose as one of those." 

1.5oz American Spirit Whiskey
.75oz Amaro Montenegro

.75oz Imbue Bittersweet

1 barspoon Becherovka
2 dashes Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Served up, in a coupe glass with a lemon twist 

...and about that glass: don't call it a comeback. Town & Country has some thoughts on the champagne coupe, a favorite of mine, on page 39 of the April issue. 

photography: Caroline Fontenot, on location at Holeman & Finch Public House in Atlanta


Chelsea said...

Holeman+Finch drinks are absolutely divine. I die every time I go there (in the best way).

MFH said...

As a Charlestonian recently relocated to Atlanta,and an avid bourbon lover I adore everything about this post! Can't wait to see more cocktails!

Michelle said...

Seems we are drinking buddies made in heaven. I am always teased for being an "old man" I like old man drinks, liquorish, old books and being grumpy.

Mackenzie said...

Jason made me severaaaaal drinks last week. Loved them all but fav was the Arms of Attrition. Trouble in a glass.

mal brooks said...

a boy dressed like that can make a drink like that any time he likes. now, to get myself to atlanta!

letters to you said...

I just want to tell you how much I absolutely love your blog. From your playlists to style (men's and women's) and now traditional and true cocktails. So wonderful. I am also a no-nonsense kind of girl when it comes to my drinks, if my grandpa was still around he'd be proud :)

erma!!!! said...

I'm excited to see more of these cocktail recipes. I'd love to make some for my boyfriend, he loves a good cocktail sans frills.

Once Was a Girl said...

I have had many a friend turn their nose up at my professed love for champagne coupes. So I was thrilled to see T&C showcasing what I think is the sexiest bar glass around

loudfootsteps said...

What a revelation. This bar was on my list for my short ATL trip last spring, so I will make it a point to go and taste the white dog down there.
That is, unless they bring it up north of the line here to NYC first.

Great recipe!

loudfootsteps said...

H+F was on my short list of spots to visit on my quick atl trip last spring, so now I must make it a point to go to try the white dog!
That is, unless they bring it up north of the line to NYC some time soon

Great recipe!

Broderick | Sartorial Exposure said...

Wow, your site is gorgeous. Holeman and Finch is a favorite of mine as well. Cheers!


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