I first stumbled upon Suzanna Dai jewelry while browsing through the Worth Avenue Calypso on Palm Beach. One of the sales girls was sporting her Cheyenne earrings with a wispy green silk button-down from the shop and a pair of K.Jacques St Tropez sandals I already happened to own - so I bought the earrings and the shirt right there and adopted it into my summer rotation. Since then, I've become a little bit obsessive about collecting from designer Suzie Gallehugh's intricate hand-crafted line. Each Suzanna Dai piece is special, substantial, and a statement in itself. They call for only simple separates as a complement, which is exactly how I wear them. I can't wait to pull them back out as the weather warms. I asked Suzie, who has an incredible design education and eye ranging well outside her talent for jewelry, to share a few of her favorite things. - JNG

1. Passport - I love to travel, and so I obviously have to have the passport.  It’s been my goal since college to take at least one international trip a year, and so far I’ve been to The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, India, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, and The Maldives.  Next on my list is Africa! 2. Jeans - It’s tough to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, so when I do, I end up buying 2 or 3 pairs.  I wear them ALL the time, and my favorites are Citizens of Humanity.  I also love a comfy tee to go with from Michael Stars clothing3. Pains au Chocolate - I’m a sucker for pastries and would die without chocolate, so   this is the perfect combination. 4. A project to work on - I start to go crazy if I have to go too long without a project.  This could include making jewelry, reworking a vintage dress, or painting one of the wood-carved boxes my dad makes.  I always have to be making something! 5. A good book to read - I go through books like I work at a publishing house.  I tend to prefer non-fiction, and I’ve recently been reading anything about 20th Century US history - from Prohibition to the biographies of JFK and J Edgar Hoover.  The Penguin Book of French Verse - the 20th Century ; introduced and edited by Anthony Hartley  (this is a book of my favorite French poets) 6. Sunshine - I just need it to function like a normal person everyday. 7. A dramatic piece of jewelry - I’m an earrings and necklace kind of girl, and the bigger and more colorful the better.  Right now I am in love with my Suzanna Dai Cheyenne Necklace and Rio de Janiero Drop Earrings in Citrus.  8. Pretty shoes - I LOVE vintage shoes, and my favorite are a pair of 1920’s inspired Prada Mary Janes with crystal-encrusted heels in an art deco design.  They are super glamourous and make me feel like a movie star whenever I have them on. 9.  Red lipstick - I’ve been on a quest for the perfect blood red lipstick since I exited the womb.  The closest I’ve come is by mixing L’oreal’s Spice with Clarins Le Rouge Fusion 560.

Playlist pick: Lana del Ray -  Born to Die // Suzanna Dai web // Suzanna Dai Facebook


l.c.s. said...

love this little collage--- found your blog again after a few months away and so glad that i did!



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