twitter nameplate necklace, BaubleBar // leather-bound day planner, Graphic Image // zebra notes, J.Falkner (don't forget the address labels!)

Personalization is my personal style mantra. Yeah, I tout myself as a tomboy in heels - my standard-issue uniform of button-downs, cigarette pants, blazers and leather has become so redundant that it makes my fashion posts, at times, borderline boring. I know this. But it isn't going to change the fact that I've found what works and have every intention of sticking to it. It takes the guessing out of dressing y'all. Even more importantly, this isn't just a fashion blog. It might have started out that way, but I just had too much else to say.

So on that note, let's talk about fashion, shall we? Rather, the divisive facet of fashion - (or, perhaps, a different thing altogether) personal style. Style is all about identity, and a huge part of my identity, at least to the outward world, is this very blog you are reading. So it's all the more appropriate that as of late, I've been frosting myself with a little nod to The Love List - a custom gold nameplate necklace bearing - not my name, no way - my twitter handle. 

If you fancy yourself a social medialite, a touter of the twitter, a master of the under-140 quip and you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. BaubleBar will be more than happy to accommodate you. 

And may God bless my little pink day planner. I often refer to it as "my brain." If it doesn't go onto those pages, it doesn't happen. If you feel so inclined (and you should, since January's the time to buy) 2013 day planners just like mine are on sale at Graphic Image this week - enter code JNG at checkout and they'll throw in an extra little surprise for you. And don't forget the monogram, or I will have taught you nothing.


CDS said...

Those are so cute! I'd love an @dubonics

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I love love love the necklace! I am going to earmark that as a must-buy!


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