Oh, Kirk Stafford. What can we say about Kirk? To know him is to love him. He's one of those effervescent characters that bubbles over with presence like a gratuitous glass of Veuve. Since moving to Atlanta, he and I have become fast friends and business allies. Mast-McBride, his line of badass bows and ties stands out in a sea of sameness - they're a little bit southern, a little bit rock and roll, and, much like Kirk, full of personality. Style and talent ever on point, I'm proud to spotlight his Love List. 

1. Banjo :I've loved playing music my whole life, and when you grow up in Appalachian Mountains, bluegrass is king. 2. vinyl : Collecting records is my guiltiest of pleasures. My father was a DJ in the 70's and had tons of albums - I suppose I picked up where he left off. 3. Allen Edmonds Cordovan Shell Loafers : Easily the the greatest shoes I've ever worn. I pair em with suits, jeans, and shorts. 4. APC denimFrench company that makes a kickass pair of jeans using raw denim 5. Wild Flower bow tieMy favorite of my ties. Great for a party and if the night doesn't call for a tie, I stuff it in my jacket, and rock it as a pocket square. 6. Garden and Gun : When this mag arrives, you'll find me locked up somewhere, not to be disturbed. Everything I love about the south is in these pages (which eventually end up torn out, and pasted on my office wall). 7. Ray Ban Oversized Clubmasters : I've got a big ole face, and these classics somehow make it normal... and maybe even cool. 8. Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23 Year : Hard as hell to get your hands on, but this hooch is worth the hunt. 9. Laguiole 7cm Knife : Carrying a gun scares me, so I pack this thing. Then again, if revolvers came in day-glo...* 10. Lucchese Ostrich Skin cowboy boots : I was born in Texas, so naturally I love a good pair of shit-kickers - a gift from my late grandfather.

Playlist Pick: Bela Fleck - Big Country   Drink of Choice: Moscow Mule. Tito's Vodka, Gosling's Ginger Beer, and a lime wedge. Order it at Pint and Plate in ATL and enjoy in a copper mug.

* Ed. Note: Sid says "Do not try to take this on a plane." I can personally attest to that one. Thanks a lot, Burlington, Vermont TSA.


la petite fashionista said...

a little bit southern & a little bit of rock & roll is right up my alley!:)


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