My vanity was my Mom's when she was a teenager, so it's sporting nail polish stains from two generations. It is very old, sort of rickety, and full of character. On it sit a couple of antique sterling silver trays my Aunt gave me that hold all my favorite beauty products - I relish this tiny corner of my house because it is so imperfect and charming. When the new year hits, I usually get a bee in my bonnet about stepping up my routines. Sometimes, all that means is buying a new lipstick, and others it means venturing into my local Sephora with a brave heart and an open mind. On that very trip last week, I found a few new favorites and re-stocked a few old. Here's what's working for me right now.

Sugar Lemon Rollerball - a favorite day scent in a handy rollerball. I can toss it right into my purse with lip gloss and go.
Lumene Sensitive Touch Cleansing Wipes - if they're good enough for Byrdie Bell, they're good enough for me. Per her recommendation, I made the switch to these gentle, inexpensive little wipes to swipe my makeup off at night. 
Laura Mercier finishing/stippling brush - talk about life changing. A very smart woman at the beauty counter in Bloomingdales converted me, and my blush has never looked better. 
Mason Pearson wide-tooth comb - for wet hair and conditioning in the shower, probably my favorite tool. 
Bumble and Bumble Semisumo - this stuff just hit the shelves and I wish it had been around forever. It's voodoo. Shine, texture without waxiness - it's amazing on the ends of my long wavy hair. 
Smith's Rosebud Salve  - an old standby that's perfect for anything that chaps you in chilly weather.
Schrammek BB cream - seems to me like every line is releasing a bb cream these days, but moisturizing makeup that fights blemishes, if you ask me, should only be purchased when it's made by a reputable skin care line like Dr. Schrammek.


Chelsea said...

I love that you have her vanity! It is beautiful and sentimental. I also totally agree with you about BB cream. Totally. xo

Ashley Turner said...

I use old Dyptique jars for my brushes too... So chic!

Aja Lake [the gold hat.] said...

i always get the ole henriksen wipes (which are awesome), but i may be down to try the lumenes. and, i'd die without my mason pearson. nice picks, jess. xx

the gold hat.

Carolyn said...

so awesome your mom passed her vanity down to you :)

la petite fashionista said...

i've been really into my new BB cream & smith's rosebud salve is my absolute favorite this winter, its been a lifesave in dry winter weather.

Amy said...

Love your vanity, I am still trying to find one for myself. And I love all these products, I have to check some of them out soon!

Kim L. said...

I am addicted to Smith's Rosebud Salve. I keep one with me wherever I go! I'll have to check out the other picks!

LifeinaHighball said...

I collect Dyptique jars to decorate my vanity too! Absolutely beautiful.

amanda said...

what a beautiful thing to have her vanity!! Just lovely!

Bonnie Q. Haakenson said...

you're mom is such a sweet gal. I love that thing!

Ryan said...

So happy to have read this post. Just set up my vanity in our new house and it brought back all kinds of happy memories playing dress up. Since getting ready is very personal and each day is different having all of your beauty resources close by is not only chic but super efficient. Thanks for sharing this.


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