My friend Ashlyn says I've taken to wearing my heart on my sleeve on my blog lately. At first, I kinda thought to myself "I have always done that, haven't I?" But that's not really true if I'm honest. In the beginning, it was like a new boyfriend: I wasn't really ready to let go and show my whole self yet. That would make me too vulnerable. So I hid behind posting about other things and people and spared my audience the demonstration of writing with any kind of candor. I don't know at what point that stopped being true, but somewhere down the line, my guard dropped, and now, here we are, talking about everything from my dating life to astrology. And I like it that way, because it brings you guys out too. It's formed this amazing dialogue, online and off, that fills my life and heart in a way I never knew something could. So Ashlyn, smart girl that she is, was right. 

Tracing it back, I think publishing my playlists was the start of it all. Even way back, they were saying a lot more than I was - because often, as I've noted before, when I make one, I am usually doing it when I have something (or someone) weighing on my mind or heart. Music has always been a passive mode of communication for me, even if I'm only communicating with myself. So I guess this compilation is no different. The prevailing theme is quite simply where I'm at right now. Something a little dark and gray that matches the mood of January. 

My dear friend John, who is one of my most favorite people in the world to talk to and someone very close to my heart, always puts things in a way that I can identify with at that very moment. The other day he said, "...think about it Jess. When have you ever heard someone say, 'January is my favorite month?' Of course it's not! It's all gloomy and cold, there are no leaves on the trees, there's no life." Here's one for (hopefully) dwindling cold days that call for warm drinks and open flames. Let's all be comforted. Spring is coming. 

Track Listing:
01. Brandi Carlile - Hard Way Home
02. The Oh Hello's - Like the Dawn
03. The Lone Bellow - You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional
04. Benjamin Del Shreve - Old Soul
05. Otis Redding - Cigarettes and Coffee
06. Bridgitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie and Clyde
07. Andy Burrow - Company
08. MS MR - Hurricane
09. The National - Slow Show
10. Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love
11. Matt Corby - Made of Stone
12. Lord Huron - Ends of the Earth
13. Kodaline - All I Want
14. Keegan DeWitt - Nothing Shows
15. Aretha Franklin - Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
16. The Heavy - Curse Me Good
17. Mumford & Sons - Where Are you Now


Michelle said...

I like that you are open and honest on your blog. I do the same, although I don't think I did it in the beginning either. Its kinda creepy until you make connections to people because of what you write. Its an amazing feeling to connect like that, because of a shared emotion or experience and not because you are thrown together for some arbitrary reason. I guess connecting with people is really great in any way, at least I love it. Keep it up :)


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