Music. Tuneage. Ear candy. It was brought into the fold in a big way on this here blog in 2012, and I'm psyched to see how y'all have embraced it. Based on that, in the new year, I'll be working music and musicians into even more content. But let's turn bac the cloc, shall we? (Despite the fact the watch I'm glancing down at isn't something like a Cartier Roadster... yet... another year...) 2012 isn't all that far in the rear view, after all. After publishing roughly 30 playlists last year, I wanted to re-visit them and cull a group of my favorite songs. Compiled here is my soundtrack to the year behind me; an homage to the men, memories, meals and miles traveled... with a few footnotes, for good measure.

P.S. a friendly reminder for the new year - all of our playlists are playable with Spotify. There, you can listen free and subscribe to our roster of past playlists!


emilyvannah said...

I love a bunch of the artists listed!


Aja Lake [the gold hat.] said...

i'm prepping for a girls' road trip to savannah. jams...exactly. what. i. needed. thanks, jess.

Aja Lake
the gold hat.

blsmith6 said...

love everything about this playlist!


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