I am not dead.

If you follow me on social media, you're aware that I am not, in fact, dead but instead sans one crucial piece of equipment - my laptop. To have been without a functioning keyboard the past week or so has surprisingly been an emotional hindrance as much as a professional one. My dependence on writing as catharsis was never fully realized until I suddenly had no outlet. Now, sitting here at my dining room table, the dog gazing up at me expectantly, I can't quite describe the joy of tapping away on a responsive machine. 

I feel sometimes as if these thoughts in my head are an invasive species - little monsters, threatening to be forgotten, residing until I commit them to words - and when I finally do, they are released. I've purged them, and they're living where they were always intended to. On the page. The worst part was the lost connection to you guys. I can quip and crack on Twitter all day, but it doesn't suffice as a replacement for the real deal for very long.

The other day, someone asked me "Jess, what do you want in a man?" I paused, and I thought, and then I answered very definitively; "I want a guy that looks at me and feels lucky."

When you feel lucky to have something, when you stare into the eyes of the very thing that you want, it's less likely you'll take it for granted. I think you know you are truly lucky when that same thing inspires you. To make you think, to make you laugh, to create - to have that and have everything else...  that is the thing novels are written about.

In that same vein, I feel lucky to have y'all - every single person reading this site. You have inspired me for more than six years, and I hope many more. Getting to my point... we will be back in full swing soon. I'll talk to y'all then. Hold it down for me.



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