I know, I know. Channeling an 80's high school flick much? I think I unintentionally crossed wires somewhere between James Spader, Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson. I've inundated y'all with my face lately, huh? Promise this is the last one for awhile.

Last week, in Part I, we talked about reveling in the confines of your zip code. I got all moody in black and white and waxed on about pricey investments like leather and cashmere making all the difference when you're giving an heirloom. And that's true. But let's talk about a things that are ever so slightly easier on the pocketbook today. Atlanta boasts lots of hometown heroes in the apparel arena, after all. 

Red's Outfitters was founded by four guys all around my age not too long ago - an idea born from the mind of Whitner Milner and his buddy Brian Francis just last year. Whitner, then only 25, was lost in a tragic accident shortly thereafter, so Brian and his buddies picked up the torch and saw the idea through in memory of their lost friend. These days, Red's Italian handmade shades are blowing up the local scene, but the guys have their sights set far wider than Atlanta. It's not unrealistic; the shades come in modern shapes, they're high-quality, comfy on the head, and best of all, really reasonably priced. Emblazoned on the side of each pair? Whitner's faithful yellow lab... named Red, of course. 

Another black classic, wayfarer aside: the polo shirt. But not just any polo shirt. We're talking a specially-dyed in France, perfectly cut, attention-to-every-detail kind of collared goodness here. K.P. Maclane designer Katherine Maclane brilliantly cut the button placket of the shirt just a little bit deeper, leaving a little more room to show off your jewelry (or just leave bare.) The sleeves, just long enough - she was sick of other brands cutting off at the widest part of her arm. Best of all? Long! The polos are long enough! Hallelujah! I won't mention a similar French brand (ahem) whose polos shrink so bad after a few washes they become midriff shirts. Oh yeah, and these are crazy soft, too. 

photography: Caroline Fontenot / my Bearings feature on Red's here



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