Shop local. It's a nomenclature we're constantly reminded of. Farmer's market over grocery store, neighborhood bites over trans-fat chain joint. Support your local record store. The list goes on. 

You guys know how much I've traveled over the past year; I've tweeted about it, I've made playlists, I've let my journeys inspire my posts. I counted: I've spent time in 20 different cities in the past 12 months alone. That's a lot of log time on airplanes when you just moved to a brand new town. At the end of October, after mulling over (and ultimately deciding against) a few job opportunities that would take me to New York, I resolved to sit still for a minute and celebrate the place I already was. Here was an entire city waiting to be explored and I'd barely set foot outside of Buckhead. With that little revelation, I decided to really invest in Atlanta. Pop the Dom Perignon and cheers. Get comfortable. Get involved. You know, get a crush on my new home town. Once I articulated the fact that I was staying awhile, the city started loving me right back. This week and next, I want to shine a light on a few local brands - ones I plan to wear far beyond the city limits. 

Alabama native Billy Reid opened a new store in town this past spring and my first big pickup was a buttery leather jacket. Serious investment? Yes. Of course it's warm and practical, but I'm a woman after all. What ultimately sold me? Every time I zip myself into it, I feel sexy. A jacket like that deserves no less than to be piled atop with cashmere, don't you think? A.Barclay set up shop around the same time as Mr. Reid and now boasts a color-splashed showroom of oversize scarves that evoke styles you'd normally only be able to find in Italy... at a premium. Downy and substantial, they're pieces for a lifetime. 

So do it. Shop local... at least my local. Whether it's you that's bundling up or you're looking to keep someone else warm, both Southern-bred, heirloom-quality gifts are the kind that elevate something as simple as un-wrapping a box from a moment to a memory.

photography: Caroline Fontenot


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