It's Tuesday. You know what that means. We kicked it off with Mr. Billy Reid, who for some reason gave me the time of day, and now the ball continues to roll on Tuesday Dudesday. When the leaves start to crunch under your feet, people get in snugglin' mode, and a lot more pigskin is flying through the air, it can only mean fall. In Atlanta, which serves as the official-unofficial social hub of the SEC, everyone's taking off for the weekend, packing up their cars, and driving a few hours up (or down) the road to their respective college towns to re-live their glory days. Home games, away games, maybe you're skipping it all and sneaking up to the mountains or flying South to warmer climates... it's all the same: the weekend jaunt. No matter how you get there, I've got a saying that I live by: light and tight. Get your brain out of the gutter, I'm talking about packing. A weekender is so named for a reason -- if your gear overfloweth from your man bag, it's safe to say you're going to get the high maintenance side-eye. Who really needs all that shit, anyway? Here, a few versatile recommendations to keep your pack light and your look on-point. Bonus points: most of these brands are spearheaded by dudes just like you, right here in the ATL.

1. You'll be hearing a lot more about Red's Outfitters very soon. For now, it suffices to say these aren't your run-of-the-mill el cheapo shades. They're hand-crafted in Italy and made with some serious heart.   The classic wayfarer shape is available, of course, but I dig the Scotties if you're willing to step out a bit. 2. Mast-McBride isn't trying to hit you over the head with anything cliche. They're just doing cool ties. And Kirk started out sewing every piece himself, so you know the guy's got design chops. End of story. 3. You met Jack Donnelly's Gregg Donnelly (try to keep it straight) awhile back. The brand is stepping out with a slimmer, more modern fit tomorrow (on Free Khaki Wednesday, naturally) -- every element made in the USA.  4. So maybe Hudson-Sutler isn't out of Atlanta like the rest of these guys, but as a card-carrying member of their fan club, I can vouch for the sturdiness of their American-made goodness after lugging their weekender everywhere from hippie music festivals  to New York Fashion Week. 5. Sid Mashburn's a name synonymous with menswear, and even though we've chatted with his dead-chic wife before, I've been in his store just as often as I'm in hers (often with guy friends who need a little guidance in the shopping department.) You really can't go wrong with his in-house shirts (it's no secret how much I love a good chambray on guys. Sexual.) The super-dapper in-house wizard tailors will make extra-sure it fits you like it was made for you. And really, it kinda is.

Playlist picks: Head on over to Back Down South today to see what I have to say about music stemming from the same home base as so many fresh apparel brands...


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Thanks for posting! I adore ATL!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger


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