Brian Atwood pumps, Tata Harper beauty (c/o)

"I never know how to dress for this time of year." Classic #shitgirlssay, and indisputable truth. The mornings are chilly, and then the sun comes out, but by the evening you're ready for a scarf. You can't fully commit to winter coats, but your white jeans are obviously a bad call. In my opinion, the toughest part of alis shoes. Boots? Maybe a bit much. Sandals? Not nearly enough. What to do? Especially come time to gussy up a little? Enter my patron savior of feet, Mr. Brian Atwood. This peep toe straddles that "wtf?" weather, and any nonsense you might get about it being a summer shoe is offset by the fact it's wrapped in a delicious camel suede. Worn with cigarette pants and a light blazer, this particular pair has helped me through some awkward weather -- no sacrifice of (figurative) cool for, well, (literalcool. 

The other tough transition? Skincare. On the way to brunch last Sunday, one of my girlfriends was lamenting the crazy tailspin her skin was on due to the indecisive weather, and she got me pondering. While we all have enough common sense to tell us that cold and warm temperatures demand different modes and means, sometimes it's hard to tell what product to use when. My latest obsession/solution is Tata Harper. A few products in particular have me doing backflips right now: one, the body oil. Not only does it smell amazing, it moisturizes just enough for this time of year without that goopy, thick feeling a lot of cold-weather products can leave behind. I even use a little on the ends of my hair after a blow-dry. Second, the Hydrating Floral Essence. This stuff is my new favorite thing pre and post-flights. It brightens you right up. Finally, the resurfacing mask is key for an insta-glow if you hooted with the night owls a bit too late the night before. Mixed in with my trusty medicated Blistex and Clinique lotion, I fear no inclement weather. Oh, and did I forget to mention everything Tata produces is 100% natural? No weird chemicals sinking into your pores is just the cherry on top. 

As we brace ourselves for dropping temps, I'm right there with y'all: mastering the art of the seasonal switch is one that takes practice. But after 26 years, I think I'm finally getting it down. What about you guys, any tricks up your sleeve for this cold-weather puberty? Do share! As always, blow me up on twitter or below in the comments.

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Amber Steel said...

tata is the best. I also use eminence, every product is divine. I go through a crazy amount of strawberry rhubarb serum.


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