If you consider yourself a child of the 90's, there are a number of things you can probably do: sing at least a few lines from the Salute Your Shorts or Hey Dude theme songs, rattle off the names of Doug Funnie's gang of multi-colored pals, and remember what TV show Mike O'Malley helmed before he was a rockstar/mechanic Dad on Glee. My sister and I spent our fair share of time watching Nickelodeon as kids. Back then, it was pretty much the only children's network there was - lucky for us, it was chock full of awesome shows that we're now totally nostalgic for.

New York Fashion Week (was that only last week?) got me pondering. The 1990's were a major prevailing theme on the runways, so much so that I started realizing I'm not the only one who's been longing for a more tubular decade (Lisa Frank, anyone?) A few nights ago, I was going on a Kanye-esque twitter diatribe on the very subject. I was musing about those Phillip Lim overalls again, thinking aloud how awesome it would be if he shot a campaign starring Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss (the new hosts of the now-revived 90's MTV staple, House of Style!) sporting said wares, heavily involved in a gruesome game of Pogs. Other folks chimed in, and we started talking Clueless, one very smart gal even chiming in that Oscar de la Renta's runway was run amok with homages (unintentional or otherwise) to Cher Horowitz - down to the yellow plaid skirt. Safely assumed, shoppers: the 90's are more "back" than ever.

The King, or should we say Queen, of the 90's Nickelodeon juggernaut was Clarissa Explains it All. Clarissa plotted and schemed into getting her way for half an hour every week, often outfoxing her lovingly dopey parents and annoying little brother, Ferguson (again, Gingers get the shaft.) But more importantly, the prevailing theme was fashion. Maybe she couldn't freeze time like Zac Morris, but Clarissa's enduring sense for mixing prints, clogs, ripped jeans, leather, combat boots, and layering was way more modern than the girl got credit for. Best of all, Clarissa used clothing to help get across that she was steadfastly herself. At an age where I was terrified about buying the right hoodie at the Gap and fitting in with the popular girls, I should have been taking a page out of Miss Darling's book. I could have taken to heart a lot earlier on that being an individual was pretty cool and spared myself a few Mean Girl moments in my later years.

So here's to Clarissa Darling - though Melissa Joan Hart might have gone on to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa herself will live forever as a fashion trailblazer and totally positive role model... though I'll never understand why her parents were okay with a hot guy climbing into her bedroom window every day.

Click and pick for all things channeling Miss Darling:


Nikki Rappaport said...

haha again this is fantastic! I always wanted a cute boy like Sam to climb through my window and play in my own video game designed around my life.

Elise said...

Love this post! Clarissa Explains It All was one of my favorite shows and I totally loved her style - from her room to her clothes! Now the theme song will be stuck in my head all day ... "way cool!"

rachel wagner said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! and I am so channeling the 90's now!!

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Sal said...

Yes Clarissa Explains It All was my absolute FAVORITE show growing up- this was a happy reminder =) xx Sallie

Bluebonnets for Sal


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