Southern Sanctuaries

Flipping through the pages in the latest issue of Garden and Gun I came across an article sharing the beloved sanctuaries of India Hicks, Darryl Carter and Natalie Chanin -- each well regarded as one of the most influential style icons of the South.

Natalie Chanin, owner of Alabama Chanin and a symbol of southern style shares "...the soul of the house"; her dinning room. Chanin's dinning room is multifunctional as a photo studio, office, and hangout for friends. The room is centered around a hand constructed dinning table painted her favorite color, white.

While this is a thought for the future, I have been inspired by Chanin to create my dinning table out of a beat up barn door. What do you think? To get inspired, check out The Love List Library for Chanin's latest craft book, Alabama Studio Style. Inside, Chanin reveals detailed explanations of her favorite furniture creations.

Sitting pretty in her newly renovated 1850s Carribean inspired home office, India Hicks uses her time spent to breathe and think. "The office," she muses "is where the real life happens."

Painted pink after the birth of her daughter and decorated with a mixture of modern, traditional and meaningful pieces, Hicks loves displaying her collections. These include children's photos, press clippings, and the art of close friends.

Most nights you will find Darryl Carter working by the fire in his master bedroom, with his three dogs by his side. Carter believes "A house has to have a sign of life," and he decorates accordingly-- cutting the fluff and using a black and white color palette with meaningful pieces.

Carter redesigned the space adding what he calls "simplified period architectural elements". The hutch chair is to die for -- Restoration Hardware has been spotlighting their similar Versailles Domed Burlap-Back chair in their spring ads, and it pops in my mind when I look here. I love its contrast against the ever so cool Parsons-style table and the rustic woodpile. - Claire Camp

All image credits to Garden & Gun magazine


Southern Aspirations said...

Great review and thank you for the introduction to Alabama Chanin!

Natalie said...

Jess - I've seen a small dining room table made out of a door from an old shrimping boat... it was amazing! I think the barn door will be just as fabulous. I'm dying for a reclaimed wood/door dining room table w/ some modern lucite chairs... but alas, I inherited my grandparents maple dining room table. I'll just have to covet yours one day. :)

Andrea said...

Really great post. Ofcourse I love that pink wall. I just painted my room a similar tone and it loks fab!

LadyLUX said...

Lovely post! Thanks for the insight!

SweetTeaandPearls said...

Just adore Carter's balloon chair!

PragmaticMom said...

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Pragmatic Mom

Sarit at said...

Loved your table and the dog armchair!
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Summer is a Verb said...

Ahhh India...XXOO

Anonymous said...

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