Blogger's Home Tour: Leslie's Room Somewhere

Today the lovely Leslie from crafty design blog A Room Somewhere is sharing vignettes from her Texas home. Leslie is a Mom of three that has made the best of a temporary rental that she shares with her family as they shop for their dream home. She has a simple aesthetic, and craves a lack of clutter - she absolutely adores just about anything old, especially if it has meaning to her family. Leslie has been the wife of a student for ten years and has been making do with hand-me-downs and discount purchases just as long. She's looking forward to furnishing a new home just so now that her husband is, in her words, bringing home the bacon!

"Upstairs is mainly my kids' domain, except for the guest room. This bed is covered in an Ikea coverlet, the mirrors above the bed are from Pottery Barn Kids and were purchased on sale, as a set, earlier this year. The nightstand holds a small, red-orange Depression glass dish, given to me by my mother-in-law, and a photo of me as a child with my Dad at Balboa Beach, in California."

"On the way through my living room to my bedroom, I have placed this lovely little glass and metal curio box, given to me by my mother when she moved out of her house in California. She even included all the vintage silver spoons, boxes, and salt cellars she has purchased at shops in England and in my hometown in Southern California. She knows I love stuff like this!"

"In my master bedroom, I crave peace, quiet, and uncluttered surfaces. This Crate & Barrel desk is not completely functional at the moment, so I like to keep it looking pretty. The chair in front of it was purchased at Target, the kelly green drapes are from Ikea. I tie them back with black grosgrain ribbon since I can't find any tie-backs that catch my eye in the shops. On top of the desk is a small photo of my husband and me, a little metal bird from Target, and some white violets. In the nook on the left, some of my favorite new discoveries, The Gramercy Classics series. They are all shades of the rainbow and covered in a great graphic pattern. They look so great all standing next to each other, and are nice to pick up and read as well! The photo on the right side of my desk is from Rebecca Tolk. She places her photos on old barn wood frames, and appeals just perfectly to my love of miniature art."

"This is my side of the bed. I love old, small mirrors, and although these two from Anthropologie aren't old, they could be, and that's what drew me to them. The small painting hanging there with them is from Tatjana Versaggi's Etsy shop. I'd love to have a collection of them some day. The glass vase is one I purchased at the Sundance Art Studio, in Sundance, Utah. Their artisans create beautiful pieces from recycled glass. This is part of a small collection I have of their green glass series."

"My husband's mother was married in Louisiana in 1958. Her family was well-known in her town and she had lots of wedding guests. Many of them gave her lovely silver pieces and before she passed away, she entrusted a few of them to me. I treasure them so highly and love to see them displayed in my breakfast room each morning. Every piece here came from her except the rectangular tray in the middle, which I providentially found one day at Target."

Thanks Leslie! For more photos of Leslie's home, including additional rooms and detail shots, check out the constantly updated Blogger's Home Tour Flickr set here. Feel free to subscribe to The Love List to keep up with new homes as they are posted, and hey, if you'd like to participate - you aren't too late! If you have a blog and would like to be a part of the tour, please see the info kit (available on the left sidebar) for more information. Or, you can email


Janet said...

oh, that tassel on the side table. I love it, what a great touch.

Mrs. Limestone said...

What a peaceful home. That little tree metal scultpure would make a great photo/card display as well.

thrilled by the thought said...

Wow, I LOVE those green curtains!

brynalexandra said...

I'm so in love with this home! I even blogged about it (and credited you). I am bummed there are not more pictures in your Flickr account yet... or maybe I'm missing it? Anyway, love the blog!!!

Jessica @ The Love List said...

Thanks so much brynn!

Kimberlee said...

what a stunning, simple, classic home. STUNNING x

Visual Vamp said...

I love the way Jessica lovingly talks about her choices and her things. She uses well priced things to great advantage. Her home is pretty, uncluttered, and sweet. I can hardly wait until the hubs brings that bacon to their own home one day (and she shares photos of it).

Coveiter said...

love the drapes. so dramatic. shocked they are from ikea!

beautiful space!

{ julie }

Victoria Bellow said...

What a restful Place, i'm so in love with this home, your bedroom looks quiet,calming and relaxing...i love those green curtains too.


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